Cinematique Instruments Introduces Rytmik

Rytmik is an uplifting beat engine that produces a very rich and unusual collection of sounds and beats for massive cinematic percussion, cue scoring, electro, hip hop, or industrial. It is a great tool for immediate rhythmic stimulus which grants unlimited versatility to find a unique language for the music you’re writing.

Rytmik is fed by over 200 drum and FX sounds that Cinematique Instruments carefully collected and specially created. Special attention was paid to massive booms and organic ensemble as well as to urban and unique sounds used for chasing cue or as ghost beats and finally to long FX sounds for creating wide and deep textures.


Rytmik is a 32-step sequencer with up to 24 unique tracks, which gives you great flexibility and variation simply because of this large number of tracks. The sequencer is fed by over 200 drum and FX sounds that Cinematique Instruments has carefully collected and specially created. Cinematique Instruments paid special attention to the massive booms and hits that are the result of multiple layering of many individual percussion sounds – these sounds are actually rather often ensemble hits. But they also focused on creating urban and unique sounds that can be used for chasing cue or as ghost beats for music productions. And finally, they have taken care of long FX sounds that offer the possibility to create wide and deep textures. It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine what would come out when mixing all these sounds.

You get 350 instant beats divided in 50 main themes, 65 production beats, 55 chasing cues, 145 score patterns and 45 textures from electro/hip hop to scoring/cinematic and industrial. By using the 3 selection filter ‘Style’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Color you can easily narrow down your result.

You get massive booms and percussion ensemble hits, but also regular bass drum, toms, snares, cymbals and ethnic drums as well as urban and electronic sounds and unique fx slices.
The combination of organic and electronic sounds provides endless flexibility to find a unique language for the music you’re writing


Rytmik does not fire audio files or loops. Rytmik is based on a sequencer that plays every single beat in real time. This “open system” of a sequencer gives you access to your beat at any time, both in the changes of the individual beats and in the tempo and expression of it. There are 2 ways to play the beat. Either you press the play button or you play C4. But you are also free to play individual tracks separately in your own combinations. But you can also just play with single sounds live to beat. This is a great way to play rhythm with many variations.

Finally, the real-time shape option, already known from Marble, gives the beat infinite flexibility to edit the beat in real-time to your music. But if you don’t want to program your own beat and want Rytmik to suggest a suitable beat for you, with its large number of beats Rytmik always provides enough material for you, so that you don’t have to go to the mixer or sequencer. And to make sure that you always find the right sound or beat, Cinematique Instruments have built-in many suitable search filters, so you can quickly find exactly what you have in mind.

Cinematique Instruments Presents Rytmik
Cinematique Instruments Introduces Rytmik 2

Pricing and Availability

Rytmik is available now here.