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RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished




RePro Substrata

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RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished

RePro-1 Substrata is a collection of 150 dark and powerful patches for u-he’s stellar Pro-One emulation.

RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished 2
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 5

Substrata is focused on RePro-1’s main strengths: its ballsy low end, premier sequencer and vibrant effects. It’s full of pumping basslines, pulsing analogue drumloops, crunchy riffs, aggressive bass, menacing synths and tense textures – all engineered with analogue grit, space and punch.

Warm, distorted and atmospheric; Substrata provides a twisted, expressive and deep library of synth patches for the more driven and dynamic side of Hollywood film scores.

Inspired by composers such as Tyler BatesJunkie XL and Brian Tyler, film franchise scores such as John Wick and Fast & Furious, as well as electronic artists such as HybridCrystal Method and The Prodigy.

Designed to be surrounded by soaring orchestras, big beats and chugging guitars, the violent energy of Substrata will hep you create compelling, dramatic, thematic soundtracks for your future scoring and electronic music projects.

RePro-1 Substrata Patches

There are 175 patches, including the 25 bonus patches, in RePro-1 Substrata.

  • 3 Arp
  • 39 Basses
  • 47 Basslines
  • 4 Drums
  • 1 Keys
  • 9 Leads
  • 19 Loops
  • 7 Pads
  • 28 Sequences
  • 11 Soundscapes
  • 7 Synths
RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished Presets scaled
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 6

RePro-1 Substrata Project Team

Matt Bowdler (aka The Unfinished) joined by Andre Williams, Andy Kotz, Antal Nusselder, Christian Birawski, Glen Nicholls, Ingo Wegener, Jonathan Sharp, Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, Julian Joppig, Kris Krause, Michael Sinay, Paul Darbot, Roy Tosseram, Stephan Baer, Tyler Bates, and Sarah, Emilia & Charlotte Bowdler.

Pricing and Availability

Substrata will also now include a Bonus Patch folder, with 25 new and remixed patches created during the demo track writing sessions.

RePro-1 Substrata comes with an NKS-ready version of the soundset, as well as a native format, and will be available for £19.99 +VAT on Friday, 26th June.

RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished 3
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 7

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