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CLOUD SUPPLY | Nebular trap melodics

KONTAKT Play Series: CLOUD SUPPLY combines melodic plucks, hazy melodies, and wavy pads for trap, hip hop, grime, and drill. It’s packed with 150 presets with endless tweakability, and works in any DAW.


  • Create huge hooks with synth keys, plucks, pads, melodic arpeggios, and more
  • 150 presets of melodic fire for trap, hip hop, drill, and grime
  • Effortlessly tweak sounds to hit your sweet spot or dive deep and create your own custom presets, effects chains, and macro controls
  • Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface


CLOUD SUPPLY is a specialized instrument for hazy trap hooks and smoke-soaked atmospherics. It’s dripping with beat-ready hybrid keys, wavy pads, plucks, bells, and sequences, plus pitch-shifted resampling for on-point hidden harmonics – all refined through analog studio gear and high-end processing. There’s plenty of powerful tweaking options to dial in your own sounds – from sequenced modulation, to effects chains, and macro controls.

CLOUD SUPPLY was created with Grammy Award winning producer and writer Snipe Young.

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You’ll find hazy plucks, resampled audio, and filter trickery in a huge amount of contemporary genres. CLOUD SUPPLY can do melodic duties on R&B, hip hop, drill, and trap tracks – just switch up the beat, tweak the tempo, and take things in a new direction.


When inspiration strikes, just play. The Play Series instruments put outstanding sound quality in an easy-to-use package. Each has a distinctive sound and character, offering a comprehensive selection of carefully designed presets and focused controls for modifying them. Whether you’re new to production or a seasoned pro, the Play Series can inspire your tracks.

Pricing and Availability

CLOUD SUPPLY is available now.

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