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Soundtoys Tutorial – Creating A Preset In Effect Rack




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Looking to start creating your own complex presets in Soundtoys Effect Rack? In this video I take apart one of my own presets from the pack Short Ambience to show you how I created it from scratch, and to demonstrate the power of Soundtoys Effect Rack for creating complex effects.

In this video I discuss:

  • Using the hidden controls to shape your sound
  • Choosing plugins to give the preset an overall character
  • Ordering the plugins and using differing Mix amounts to create a smooth signal flow

About me – Tom Wolfe

I’ve been learning synthesis and playing synthesisers for 14 years. In 2018, after trying my hand at film composition, I started releasing cinematic sound banks and preset packs for a range of software synthesisers and effects plugins, including Omnisphere, Zebra, Pigments, Soundtoys and more. My sounds have been used by Hollywood film composers, AAA game composers and Grammy-winning record producers.

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