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808’s Ableton Live Pack – Melodic Bass Drums

808’s Ableton Live Pack is the perfect set of sounds and tools for anyone that wants that popular melodic bass drum sound, commonly referred to as 808’s. Easily get the perfect deep, heavy kick drum sound that also functions as a bassline.

Create your own melodic bass drums, commonly referred to as “808’s” with this new Ableton Live Pack. It requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above.

808s Ableton Live Pack includes 51 presets for adding kick drums you can play melodically to your music. The Pack includes a wide range or pre-made 808’s and the tools to make your own custom 808’s. 

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808s Ableton Live Pack Melodic Bass Drums
808's Ableton Live Pack - Melodic Bass Drums 2

The 51 presets include: 

  • 7 “Default Builder” Racks – for creating your own customized 808s and various synth sounds using kick drum samples and synthesized tones.
  • 33 Melodic Kicks or 808s – powerful bass drums with unique sustained tones, perfect for basslines.
  • 10 Synth Instrument Racks – Keys, leads, and pads made from looping and one shot kick drum samples.
  • 1 Audio Effect Rack – Add Chorus, Reverb, Delay, and Dirt to any sound with this handy FX Rack.

Pricing and Availability

808’s Ableton Live Pack is available now.

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