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Baby Audio Complete Bundle Sale

Discover four focused and elegant plugins by New York-based company, Baby Audio. Each of their plugins have been designed to be a one-stop solution that you’ll instinctively reach for whenever you need creative delays, parallel compression or an injection of lo-fi magic in your production.

Want a tape delay vibe for your lead synth, a modern slap on your vocals and a crunchy lofi echo on your guitars? Not a problem. Comeback Kid is designed to adapt to your sound, creating the perfect creative and inspiring delay.

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Feel the grainy magic of the VHS era — with six unique effects all in one strange plugin… Super VHS is here to infuse some 80’s nostalgia into your tracks by adding anything from subtle warmth and warping to full, dizzying lo-fi disintegration.

Explore True ‘New York-style’ parallel compression with I Heart NY. Parallel compression is an essential technique for creating powerful mixes but it can be a hassle to deal with the extra routing when you’re in the creative zone. Baby Audio have made a plugin that does the hard work for you and will instantly provide your audio with a fat and punchy flavour.

Super VHS 3D Render
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Finally, combine parallel compression and saturation like never before in a single plugin with Parallel Aggressor.

Discover the complete FX Bundle by Baby Audio (Affiliate Link) of focused and elegant plugins from Baby Audio.

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Buy the Baby Audio Complete Bundle (Affiliate Link) now for only £99.95 / $120.

The Baby Audio Complete Bundle is available for a limited time only.

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