SILIKA a New Era for Kush Plugins

After 9 years in the plugin game, Kush can finally say without exaggeration that, at least for one particular flavor of vintage compressors that clip beautifully, we have completely closed the Analog/Digital gap. SILIKA is not ‘close’, it’s not ‘different but just as good’. According to Kush, it’s ‘Sonically Identical’ to the types of hardware it’s modeled after.

Kush’s most true-to-analog compressor EVER is now available! Get ready to immerse yourself in a new era of sound that closes the Analog/Digital gap!

SILIKA by Kush Audio The Orchestra Complete 2
Kush Audio Released SILIKA - Dual Diode Compressor 4

When you drive this plugin’s input, everything melts deliciously. In particular, the high frequencies lay back and spread out without getting edgy, or bright, or even the least bit ‘zingy’. It may get too grindy, but it won’t hurt your ears. Think Led Zeppelin IV’s hazy grunge, and you’ll start to get the idea.

Kush Audio SILIKA
Kush Audio Released SILIKA - Dual Diode Compressor 5

SILIKA owes its killer sound to an extraordinarily complex harmonic distortion generator, but operationally it’s a relatively simple compressor with a familiar feature set. All of its distortions are controlled with the Input knob, which can be switched and blended to taste. The resulting signal then gets passed to a compressor/limiter with 4 available ratios, standard Attack/Release/Threshold/Mix controls, and sidechain filtering options which, while simple, allow for a dramatic reshaping of the compressor’s behavior.

Kush Audio Released SILIKA The Orchestra Complete 2 1
Kush Audio Released SILIKA - Dual Diode Compressor 6

Pricing and Availability

Kush Audio’s SILIKA – Dual Diode Compressor is available now. You can download a demo here. A full, Non-Expiring Software License is priced at $99. Alternative the plugin is included already into the Kush Plugin Subscriptions which is $9.99/month or $99.99/year.