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Inspiration is the difference between a good song and a great song.

The exhilarating feeling when something ignites your creative spark, when you nail the perfect sound, or when you find the musical direction you’ve been looking for.

With Analog Lab and Sound Banks, inspiration awaits at every turn. Thousands of iconic sounds in one place, inspired by your favorite artists, genres, and instruments, accessible in an instant.

Get inspired today.

Get inspired with Analog Lab

Analog Lab is the gateway to a world of sonic inspiration. Access industry-standard emulations of vintage synths & keyboards, intuitively tweak your sound, compile & recall your favorite presets, and gear up for fluid live performances – all in one place.

Get inspired with Sound Banks

Keep up with the ever-changing musical landscape with a vast library of sounds, from cinematic to deep house. Capture the sound of your favorite artists, from Pink Floyd to Daft Punk. Expand your sonic palette with presets expertly-crafted by leading sound designers – refresh your sound with Sound Banks for Analog Lab.

Get inspired with Sound Banks
Get Inspired’ with 50% off Arturia’s Analog Lab & Sound Banks 3

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Offer ends October 7, 2020.

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