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Klang Instruments

In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper demos a number of Klang kontakt instrument libraries in the context of a musical project. He also reviews the main features of these streamlined and easy to use instruments.

KLANG is a series of virtual instruments made by a Cologne-based team of musicians, composers and sound designers. These instruments cover a wide range of approaches, including previously unpublished instruments, unusual sound experiments and random products while trying to emerge new sounds. Buy KLANG here at with confidence, read reviews and customer feedback about KLANG.

Instruments used in this video:

Gambastard (Affiliate Link) – This instrument fills up the low-end of your symphonic range. It consists of several low-register string instruments, like Double Bass and Viola da Gamba, which were played with mallets instead of typical bows. This creates a characteristic and deep sound in the lower octaves that you are able to control in the engine.

Dusted Home (Affiliate Link) – It all started with an experiment in a modular system, manipulating the self-oscillation of a delay with a filter. The result of this experiment is a dystopian sounding pad sound with lots of movement.

Dusted Home contains a balance knob to control the mix between the two layers, a knob to control the amount of a tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with phaser, Lo-Fi, delay and reverb controls.

Cassette Kalimba (Affiliate Link) – The KLANG team noticed that this old cassette radio laying around in the corner of their studio had a recording function. With no time to waste, they fed it with a kalimba and a xylophone to offer a mix between wood and metal. Completed with a decay layer KLANG got the warm percussive tape sounds they aimed for.

Raising Strings – For this instrument, KLANG sent a Pizzicato Solo Violin and a hammered Viola da Gamba through various delay effects to create a rhythmic pattern which is tempo-synced. The other sound source is a digitally down-tuned, legato, violin patch which was also sent through various modulating effects.

You can easily blend those two patches into each other, by controlling two of the three main controllers. The middle one changes the overall tone. Additionaly you have LoFi, distortion, delay and 9 different reverb types.

Tranquil Meadow (Affiliate Link) – This time KLANG layered several granulated sound sources asynchronously and created an instrument completely focused on sound design. This instrument has an unstable but lovely pad sound as the base and a second layer to bring chaos and darkness.

Tranquil Meadow contains a Darkness knob to control the mix between the two layers, a knob to control the amount of a quite fast tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with chorus, distortion, delay and reverb.

Reverbception (Affiliate Link) – Perceiving the heavenly clean character of guitar harmonics, KLANG wondered how it would sound when strongly reverberated. With a long attack, KLANG produced a pad sound as heavenly as they expected. Enriched for versatility with a Rhodes and reverberated stutter layers KLANG reached for the sky with the sound of this instrument.

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