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Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples




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Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples

This is what no modern music producer can create without! Guess what it is?! Off course high quality & various 808 samples! You have tons of this stuff on the internet, but most of it is crap. So Apollo Sound decided to create their own universal 808 Bass Sample (Affiliate Link) pack in Apollo Sound Labs.

808 Bass Samples
Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples 5

To get the best result Apollo Sound took authentic iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine and a few great analog & digital hardware synths (Dave Smith Mopho, Yamaha Motif, Access Virus, Korg Volca Bass), sampled a massive amount of sound sources from them, tuned and mixed it to perfection. After that, Apollo Sound went crazy a Lil’bit and started to experiment. Processed the 808 sounds with Akai reel-to-reel tape, Roland SP-404 sampler, distortion/fuzz guitar effect’ pedals, and many many different plug-ins.

Eventually, Apollo Sound got 180 unique 808 one-shots & effects, 50 boomin’ 808 bass loops, 50 detailed 808 midi loops, 45 exclusive 808 synth presets (Serum, Massive, Spire), and 26 incredible custom-made 808 synth patches for the KONTAKT sampler. You can find here the whole spectrum of 808 and 808 type sounds you can only imagine: distorted 808s, chorused 808s, lo-fi’ed 808s, saturated 808s, glided 808s and etc.

808 Bass Samples 300х250
Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples 6
808 Bass Samples (MASTER)

This 808 Bass Sample (Affiliate Link) library is endlessly inspiring and irreplaceable in the hand of any artist or music producer. You can play with these sounds for all eternity. Processed & clean 808 samples, short & long 808 samples, flexible synth presets can bring your mixes to industry-standard worldwide hits! Don’t waste your time, download this 808 treasure and become a superstar!

808 Bass Samples 628х75
Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples 7

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