Modbap Modular’s Quad Performance Effects Eurorack Module

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 10 October 2020
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Per4mer a quad performance effects unit

Per4mer is a quad performance FX module consisting of a delay, reverb, glitch, and tape stop effects triggered by the four dedicated arcade buttons which can be manually operated or triggered from external gate inputs. Each effect has a set of FX parameters that can be controlled using the four rotary knobs or by the CV inputs. Compression and color processing effects are featured along with sidechain and tap tempo options. The external sidechain and clock can be connected to interface with other gear. Per4mer packs a punch in a 14HP stereo FX eurorack module form and is inspired by beatmaker/DJ performance styles. Per4mer makes quick, fun, and easy work of engaging and performing with smooth no click action arcade buttons.

  1. Delay performance effect selection arcade activation button.
  2. Reverb performance effect selection arcade activation button.
  3. Glitch performance effect selection arcade activation button.
  4. Tape stop performance effect selection arcade activation button.
  5. Color selection button. Four fixed presets with LED selection indicator.
  6. Compressor selection button.
  7. Shift button. Access to secondary functions.
  8. Tap the tempo button. Tap several times to register an internal tempo BPM.
  9. Clock input. External clock
  10. Sidechain CV input for the compressor.
  11. CV Inputs. Control the FX by CV Targeting which locks the CV input to the effect.
  12. Gate Inputs. Activates each of the performance effects.
  13. Audio Left / Right Inputs
  14. Audio Left / Right Outputs.
  15. FX1 – Function is dependant on the selected performance effect.
  16. FX2 – Function is dependant on the selected performance effect.
  17. FX3- Function is dependant on the selected performance effect.
  18. FX4 – Function is dependant on the selected performance effect

Modbap Modular enters the Eurorack market with powerful Per4mer quad performance effects. The basic principle behind Per4mer is immediately apparent in its easy-to-follow front panel, packing a creative knockout punch in a compact (14HP) stereo effects-enabling Eurorack module form factor — feed in an audio input to then trigger on-the-fly effects, bringing DJ- style live improvisation to a modular environment. Effects can be triggered simultaneously or individually, where an inspiring effect palette combines to generate uniquely unconventional beats and melodies.

Per4mer Features

  • 4 no-click 24mm mini arcade buttons (life cycle rated at 10 million button presses)
  • 4 knobs to control 4 parameters per effect
  • 4 performance effects (Delay, Reverb, Glitch & Tape Stop)
  • 2 processing effects (Color and Compressor)
  • 4 fixed color presets (Classic (12bit), LoFi (8 Bit), Saturation, and Wax)
  • Sidechain input
  • Side-chain detection– (activate side-chaining via side-chain input, clock input, or tap tempo)
  • Clock input
  • Tap tempo
  • CV control over knobs
  • Gate inputs to trigger the arcade buttons
  • Stereo input and output

Per4mer puts a Doppler-style DELAY, lush REVERB, GLITCH (beat repeat), and TAPE STOP effects easily at anyone’s fingertips for triggering via four dedicated translucent mini-arcade buttons — buttons that can be manually operated or triggered from the four external gate inputs.

Each effect has a set of four effects parameters that can be controlled using the four (FX 1, FX 2, FX 3, and FX 4) rotary knobs or by the four CV (control voltage) inputs. COMP (compression) with SIDE CHAIN input and COLOR processing effects are also available, along with CLOCK input and TAP tempo options. Obviously, the external side chain and clock can be connected to interface with other modular and electronic music gear.

Per4mer acts like a bridge between hip-hop and Eurorack.” So says Modbap Modular Designer and Founder Corry Banks. As a writer, emcee, producer, hip-hop artist (Phashara), and IT pro, he should surely know! “It packs in concepts familiar to lo-fi and beat-making circles, but it brings something fresh to Eurorack,” continues Corry Banks, before adding: “I think Per4mer will be a great entry point to modular synthesis for the modular-curious beat-maker — throw it into a small pod and use it like a standalone performance effects unit or rack it up with other modules to liven things up a bit.

But best of all, Per4mer’s four performance effects — influencing its notable nomenclature, clearly — can be momentarily engaged or latched individually or simultaneously. Each effect has four tweak-able parameters associated with the four rotary knobs, duly designed for facilitating live improvisation with endless one-off, on-the-fly sounds and rhythmic dynamics.

All audio inputs (INPUT L and INPUT R) are provided as mono connections, paired for stereo. Subsequently, Per4mer not only delivers a series of excellent effects and sound design possibilities, but it also allows the creative, classic, tried-and-tested techniques used by beat-makers and DJs to be applied to the wonderful world of Eurorack modular, especially enhanced by manual performance.

Digging deeper, the compressor allows for control over four compression (Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release) parameters via the four rotary knobs. Catering perfectly to those users craving the classic ducking sound of side chaining, the compressor also features selectable side chain detection that allows side chain activation via ‘sidechain input’, ‘audio input’, ‘clock input’, or ‘tap tempo’.

The COLOR processor features four color presets bringing texture and character to the signal path, pre effects — namely, Classic (12-bit), LoFi (8-bit), Saturation, and Wax (vinyl simulation). Such presets can be used in combination with the performance effects and compressor for a more characterful result. Reasons Corry Banks, eventually ending on a high note: “The COLOR processor is the special sauce built into Per4mer. It adds so much mojo and attitude. I lose time just enjoying processing audio through it and creating soundscapes to sample. Per4mer is a dope sound design tool as much as it is a dope performance effects module!”

About Modbap Modular

Modbap Modular is a line of eurorack modular synthesizers and electronic music instruments by Beatppl. Founded by Corry Banks (Bboytech), Modbap Modular was born from the Modbap Movement with a simple mission to dev tools for beat-driven hip-hop leaning modular artists. It is our goal to develop eurorack modules from the beatmaker’s perspective while adding value for music makers of all genres. MODBAP is the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or any form of hip-hop) music production. The term was created by Banks as a denotation of his experiments with modular synthesis and boom-bap music production. From that point forward, a movement was born where like-minded creatives built a community around the idea of Modbap.  Modbap Modular is the result of that movement in synthesizer design space where we’d previously not existed.

Corry Banks

Corry Banks coined the term “Modbap”. As the founder of both BBoyTechReport and Beatppl, Banks focuses on assuring the voice of hip-hop is present in music technology. Banks’ passion is to bridge the gap between hip-hop and modular synthesis

Pricing and Availability

Per4mer is now available to preorder at a retail price of $399.00 USD directly from Modbap Modular’s online Shop and expected to start shipping in November 2020.

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