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PlugInGuru’s Unify 1.2 Available




Unify 1.2 Loaded

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PlugInGuru released the biggest Unify update since 1.0. This is a FREE MAJOR UPDATE to all existing customers! Unify 1.2 includes 32 new patches that show off the incredible Vocoder, Wavesequence and Guitar Amp simulations PlugInGuru can now do with Unify! Many other updates as well to make using Unify even more fun!

Unify 1.2 Loaded
PlugInGuru’s Unify 1.2 Available 3

Unify 1.2 is a TOTALLY UNIQUE Plug-In that combines over 50 plug-ins when installed, producing over 500 John Lehmkuhl designed patches with a powerful HOST plug-in that can load all of your Instruments, Audio Effects and MIDI Effects in a  flexible and fun environment! It also comes with 505 patches and over 3.5GB of samples from John’s 12 PlugInGuru sample-based libraries that were originally designed for Omnisphere 2.

New in Unify 1.2

Combo Box

Combo Box – new Effect that can be placed in MIDI Effect, Instrument, or Audio effect slots that lets you combine ANY of your plug-ins and drag/drop lines to connect MIDI and Audio routing. Super Easy to create vocoders, multi-layer patches, Complex MIDIBox configurations (each note playing a different MIDi file, for example), and more.


MIDIBox now has Polyphonic Transpose! This means you play a single note, cool rhythm in your DAW, save it as a MIDI file, MIDIBox will let you play it with as many notes as you hold down on your keyboard!


PolyBox now has polyphonic playback per note event AND the cycle reset happens with note off events, so we can do Wavesequencing! Because John Lehmkuhl was a member of the voicing team for both the original Korg Wavestation and the recently released Korg Wavestate, this is a very exciting development!! This is just the beginning – more in this direction to come but already groundbreaking because every event can be ANY instrument plug-in you own (AND can have as many audio effects included) and for a first, the timing of the Wavesequence can be created by YOU. Play a unique rhythm, save it as a MIDI File, load it into MIDIBox and now your wavesequence advances by the timing of the MIDI File. Very exciting to bring this in a free update to all Unify owners!

Audio File Player

Audio File Player – a new Instrument effect that can play audio files and loop them if desired. Audio files are streamed from HD and can be any length.

Sample Delay

Sample Delay – a new Audio effect that can delay Left or Right channel in absolute sample length up to 10,000 samples or 250ms.

Bundled plug-in

Bundled plug-in now included: Resonant DSP’s Swanky Amp dynamic tube amplification effect. We are thrilled to include a new form of amp simulation/distortion with this audio effect. They will soon release a Pro version of Swanky Amp so check their website if you want more information!

There are now 32 real-time Macro Knobs instead of 8 and we’ve added some very helpful copy/paste/swap abilities (to the target parameter list as well!)

Pricing and Availability

If you already have Unify installed, then download the 1.2 Updater for your Computer OS. If you don’t have Unify installed, then download the 1.2 Installer for your Computer OS.

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