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Naroth Audio Launches ‘RHYTHMUS’ – A Unique Cinematic Percussion Tool




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‘RHYTHMUS’ – A Unique Cinematic Percussion Tool

The Los Angeles-based audio sampling company Naroth Audio has just released its first sample library, ‘RHYTHMUS’. RHYTHMUS is a unique take on what percussion can mean to a musician. 

Naroth Audio Launches ‘RHYTHMUS’ – A Unique Cinematic Percussion Tool 4

RHYTHMUS is a powerful and comprehensive Found Percussion library built for composers and producers across many genres. ’Found’ means audio samples collected in their natural state and presented in a new context as part of a work of percussion sounds.)

Built with 4 powerful RHYTHMUS Engines containing 100 Sound Sources, you will have the capability to play 4 sound sources completely independent of each other in regards to their rhythm and processing, bringing an organic, fresh, and unconventional take on what percussion can be. Each engine was built with the user in mind to create a powerful yet intuitive sequencer that anyone can use with ease. The RHYTHMUS Sounds have also been extensively sampled with 3 Dynamic Layers per Sound (P, MF, F) and 8 Round Robins per Dynamic Layer.

RHYTHMUS was crafted out of a necessity for something different. Naroth Audio’s approach was to create a library that emphasizes the world around us. They looked outside, on the street, in the cupboards, under the bed, in the kitchen, and amongst many other places to find interesting and new takes on the instruments behind musical rhythm. After a long and measured search they found 100 objects to create the sound-sources to fuel their powerful engines. 

RHYTHMUS brings organic life to what can be a mundane and robotic ocean of sample libraries out there. At Naroth Audio their goal is to bring the composer, the producer, and the hobbyist a truly unique and fresh set of tools to create with.

Naroth Audio Launches ‘RHYTHMUS
Naroth Audio Launches ‘RHYTHMUS’ – A Unique Cinematic Percussion Tool 5


  • 200 Curated Presets built by composers and producers
  • 2.59 GB Uncompressed Audio recorded at 96k (.Wav)
  • Each sound is comprised of 3 dynamic layers with 8 round robins each for a total of 2400 Samples overall
  • 4 RHYTHMUS Sequencers with 4 Independent FX Racks
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • 100 Found Object Sounds
  • Drop In your own samples
  • Bonus: 18 Tonal Instruments Included
  • The Full Version of Kontakt 6.3 (or later) required

Pricing and Availability

RHYTHMUS is available now (INTRO PRICING 40% OFF).

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