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sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot




sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot

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sonicLAB releases a compelling new plugin based product, Cosmosƒ M31 is a stochastic midi event generator, and the included MBot, the client version of it. Cosmosƒ M31 and two instances of MBots are performing symphonic parts generated by themselves in realtime. NI Kontakt configuration is being driven by each instance with multichannel addressing of different instruments on each orchestral section. Continuous modulation of Midi CC messages on multiple channels creates the brightness and volume changes on each instrument channel.

Cosmosf M31 is a real-time stochastic event generator, which can generate complex MIDI events with multi scale event distribution processes.

As with other Cosmosƒ applications, here discrete note events of certain density are distributed in a time space defining the onset time and duration values by using stochastic / deterministic functions.

Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distrubuted inside it as micro spaces. This is how the local density changes can be elaborated.

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sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot 3

The micro events define a midi note event with velociy and pitch values. They can also be accompanied with multiple midi CC’s which are continuously in motion.

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