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Unify 1.3 Update and DiscoverStation Release




DiscoverStation Box 1

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DiscoverStation and CoreStation for Unify 1.3

DiscoverStation and CoreStation libraries have been released! 185 Patches / 397 MIDI Files all put together to create amazing multi-layered patches that will give this Spitfire Audio Orchestral PlugIn a hands on real-time library that only Unify could create!

Unify 1.3 Update and DiscoverStation Release
Unify 1.3 Update and DiscoverStation Release 4

The BBC Symphony Orchestra (See our Review of Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra) plugin by Spitfire Audio is a wonderful entire orchestra in a single plug-in. Given the patience to sequence out multiple tracks, it is a very convincing sounding! BUT….. What if you would like to play it LIVE? All 5 String Sections, all 5 Woodwind sections AND all 5 Brass Sections, on the keyboard, ready to knock your socks off? There is only 1 way to pull this off and then change to another of over 180 variations/combinations of these instruments = In Unify! And this is just the beginning!

Want to hear 23 BBC Symphony Orchestra PlugIns sound like when played in REALTIME? Watch the video above and enjoy! A BONUS second library of EVERY ARTICULATION is also included for easy layering/stacking of the instruments!

SIGNIFICANTLY in scope and scale! With MIDIBox playing MIDI files and JitterBox randomly adjusting the timing of the separate layers and THEN inventing ComboBox as a solution for some of the MIDI wizardry found in this library, there are examples in this library calling up 20+ plug-ins and playing MIDI sequences for each section to recreate an entire orchestra in realtime that you can compose with. The time required to do this one track at a time would be significantly longer and nowhere nearly as much fun!

Unify 1.3 Update and DiscoverStation Release 1
Unify 1.3 Update and DiscoverStation Release 5

None of this would be possible without the code writing wizardry of Shane Dunne – taking ideas and request from Geoff and John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl and turning them into solutions for what they wanted to accomplish is not an easy task but Shane has as much passion for music as they do so he is uniquely qualified to work out solutions that fixed the problem in a musical way and added extra depth to what John and Geoff can accomplish with Unify.

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