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Sounds Of Portugal

The next sound library I just published is from Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon Train Station Sound Library Sounds Of Portugal 1
Lisbon Train Station Sound Library - Sounds Of Portugal 2

By the end of 2019 we lived one month in Lisbon and today I finally finished editing all these recordings including train station ambience from Estação do Oriente, Rossio Train Station, Santa Apolónia, Cais do Sodré, and one underground station. 

I remember having a hard time recording the underground or metro station because of the music within the stations but I included a great selection from all the other main train stations.

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You will find 22 (3.4GB) sound recordings with:

  • train pass by
  • railway clicks and grinding
  • arrivals and departure
  • busy crowd walla to an almost empty and spooky atmospheric ambiance
  • and much more

▽ ▽Download Sound Library▽ ▽ 

I will release another train interior sound library from Lisbon soon but before that, I have more from Hong Kong, Croatia, Turkey, and of course Malta coming up. 

Please be safe and good night from Malta,

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