Underwater Ambience! The Hidden Sounds – New Underwater Sound Library

  • By: Marcel Gnauk
  • Date: Monday, 8 February 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Underwater Ambience! The Hidden Sounds

We just released a new YouTube video and this sound library is part of it!

This brand new underwater sound library from 2021 contains 29 high-quality sound recordings with hundreds of originally created sound effects. I recorded these new sounds in Croatia, Turkey, and Malta.

I went to small fishing ports, city harbours, abandoned piers, and deserted beaches to find these unique sound recordings.

You will hear some amazing underwater crackles, clicks, and pops. I picked up several small boats and large cargo ships as they passed underwater.
Creepy sound effects such as rattling chains are also included as well as various waves splash from secluded beaches and rock formations.

This new underwater sound library was recorded with the Ambient ASF2 MK2 and the Zoom F6. With this extraordinary hydrophone, I was able to record in the highest frequencies up to 90 kHz. That makes every sound designer’s heart beat faster. With such frequencies, you can create and edit completely new high-quality sound effects.

Pricing and Availability

Underwater Ambience! The Hidden Sounds by freetousesounds

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