Sample Fuel Launches Pad Motion Layers

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 6 April 2021
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Pad Motion Layers

PAD MOTION LAYERS is a branch product of Sample Fuel’s flagship instrument PAD MOTION. Pad Motion Layers utilizes 4 layers of sample synthesis delivering it one of the most unique and capable sample library instruments.  The patches are impressive but simple enough to let you compose with them rather than being limited to the point where you have to compose around them.  Many of the presets live up to the name PAD MOTION LAYERS and have complex motion to create interesting textures and moods. Pad Motion Layers powers the more than 900unique sampled sources available.

Sample Fuel Launches PAD MOTION LAYERS3
Sample Fuel Launches Pad Motion Layers 4

 The  PAD MOTION LAYERS SYNTH section is an overview display of the sample content used in the patch.  The actual display is only showing the first sample used in the loaded patch if that patch utilizes multi-samples.​

This synth page also includes a sample browser/loader that allows you to switch between any of the available 900 possible sample/multi-sample choices that can be used for sound design patch creation. It also features the ability to Drag and Drop your own samples into the engine. There are also many parameters to adjust sample start times, end times, loop points, crossfade loops, etc.

Sample Fuel Launches PAD MOTION LAYERS2
Sample Fuel Launches Pad Motion Layers 5

Each Layer contains its own modulation modules that are preassigned to specific parameters. The user can adjust the amount the modulation modules affect the assigned parameters by the amount slider next to the said parameter.

Sample Fuel Launches PAD MOTION LAYERS1
Sample Fuel Launches Pad Motion Layers 6

The modulations include:

  • User Envelope that can be assigned to a number of destinations.
  • LFO 
  • Step Modulator
  • dedicated GATE to the Volume.

Pricing and Availability

PAD MOTION LAYERS  is available now. Crossgrade Price for Owners of Full Version Pad Motion For owners of Pad Motion the crossgrade price for Pad Motion Layers is 50% OFF the normal price. If you want to upgrade, please contact

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