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Pianoforte – Sustains, Una Corda, Muted, and Sound Design Pads

Pianoforte’ stars a Fazioli F212 sampled to maximum authenticity employing various microphone positions – including Ambisonics microphones, to achieve the sheer gentleness and mellow harmonic body only a Fazioli can deliver.

Audio Brewers Releases Pianoforte Screen1
Audio Brewers Releases Pianoforte - Sustains, Una Corda, Muted, and Sound Design Pads 7

Audio Brewers has recorded the Piano’s sonic emanations from all corners practicable, Audio Brewers decided to work autonomously on the Stereo and Ambisonics versions. This time, while a part of Audio Brewers’ time committed their time to arrange independent Microphone Positions and Mixes (for Stereo), the other part of the Audio Brewers team focused on designing custom Ambisonics mixes that will help you feel the richness of the Piano from several angles.

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This means that whether you decide to work on Stereo or Multichannel Arrays, ‘Pianoforte’ will always surprise you with a unique opportunity to fit the glorious sound of this Fazioli on your mix.

Ambisonics Version

Our novel recording and mixing techniques deliver a sound library natively compatible with multi-speaker arrays. This means that no matter your speaker setup, you can dynamically adapt the sound to it and results will always translate with utmost quality. Be it Binaural (headphones), Stereo, Surround, Atmos, Ambisonics for VR applications, custom arrays, and even exporting to multiple channel configurations at once, your mix will always be natural and real. This special and outstanding Ambisonics Version is compatible with DAWs that support multi-channel tracks.

Stereo Version

Our approach to sound also has a benefit to those who prefer to stick to Stereo. Thanks to our recording and mixing techniques, where we respect the microphone positions not only in a left-to-right fashion only in a three-dimensional space, the resulting mix is a faithful representation of how sound behaves as it travels to your ears. Instead of having mic positions that layer on top of others, we offer multiple mixes that combine seamlessly with each other in total sonic harmony. The Stereo Version is compatible with every DAW available in the market.

Pianoforte 360 Ambisonics Demo and Library Walkthrough

Pricing and Availability

Pianoforte’ is available now at an intro price of 79,00 Euro – this offer ends May 17th, 2021

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Audio Brewers Releases Pianoforte - Sustains, Una Corda, Muted, and Sound Design Pads 8
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