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Chordjam – The Ultimate Chord Machine

Chordjam is an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomization. It automatically randomizes a unique combination of parameters, serving up unpredictable but always-musical variations.

Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam - A New Approach 8

Audiomodern’s Chordjam (Affiliate Link) allows you to easily play chords with advanced progression patterns. Great to use them with virtual instruments like Kontakt or other synthesizers. Chordjam (Affiliate Link) is an excellent tool to produce constantly new musical ideas.

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Chordjam A New Approach
Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam - A New Approach 9
Generate Random Chords
Trigger New Chords with Every Note Played
Unique Voicing Parameters
Intelligent Sequencer Engine
Arp Mode
Chord Progression & Pattern Presets
Generate Infinite Chord Patterns & Progressions
Everything is Synced to your Host tempo
Drag MIDI Chord
Drag MIDI pattern
Pads Section for Musical Performance
Quick Load preset Section
Choose Quantization settings
Suffle & Shift Mode
Advanced Infinity Mode
Set Sequence range & Motion Settings
Set Range for Transposition, Time-Delay and Velocity
Save & Load your own patterns
Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware
Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor
No Two Chords will Ever be the Same
Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety

Unlike similar plugins, Chordjam (Affiliate Link) uses intuitive user-guided randomization. Bringing new elements for musical expression and delivers limitless inspiration and musical variety.

Chordjam Key Features

  • Featuring a smart Chord Generation Engine.
  • Intelligent Sequencer Generating progressions.
  • Trigger mode automatically randomizes any combination
  • Bringing new elements for musical expression
  • Cross-Platform App for Desktop & iOS devices
  • Delivers limitless inspiration and musical variety.

The included sequencer combines Sequences and Chords Creation with a modern approach. It provides multiple options to generate chord progressions using both random procedures and controllable algorithms. There is also a Robot Sequencer that generates random patterns for you, controlled by multiple parameters.

Chordjam Features CM001
Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam - A New Approach 10

Audiomodern created Chordjam to feed any Synth, Sampler, and anything that accepts MIDI signal both software and hardware.

Chordjam Main UI Center CMP002
Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam - A New Approach 11

Pricing and Availability

Chordjam (Affiliate Link) is available now.

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