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Polaris for U-he Zebra

Tom Wolfe has today released Polaris, a new soundbank for U-he Zebra.

Featuring 150 cinematic presets for U-he Zebra, Polaris is based around two opposing forces – darkness and light. Divided into two banks of 75 presets, the light & dark presets are designed to work together and complement each other. This helps users with the creation of nuanced compositions, allowing for a wide range of dynamics and textures. Users will find sounds ranging
from distorted, gritty sequences to soft, serene pads, and a lot more in between. With a focus on cinematic sounds, Polaris is ideal for film and media composers.

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Polaris has been carefully crafted to give power and energy to your compositions. Whether you’re composing for media or adding a cinematic edge to your tracks, Polaris will get you there with ease.

Polaris is also now included in the Zebra Collection, a bundle of all Tom’s soundbanks for U-he Zebra: a total of 350 presets. To celebrate the release of Polaris, the Zebra Collection is now available for a limited time for just £39.99 (regularly £49.99).

Pricing and Availability

Polaris is available now for the introductory price of £16.99 (regularly £27.99)! Offer ends 28th July 2021.

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