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Geofón Should Sell Out Fast

Geofón will be back in the LOM store on Monday. Mark Monday, the 26th of July 2021 at 22:00 CEST. That is the time Geofón will appear in the store again. It may sell out very fast. Shipping of the purchased Geofón will happen within 2 weeks after Monday.

Geofón is a sensitive geophone adjusted for field recording purposes. Originally designed for seismic measurements, it can be used with regular field recording equipment to capture very faint vibrations in various materials and even soil.

Geophone Features

  • Frequency response: 10 – 1000+ Hz
  • Impedance: 3500 Ω
  • Resonant frequency: 14 Hz
  • Open–circuit sensitivity: 80.0 V/m/s
  • Cable: 1.5 m, robust polyurethane jacket, shielded
  • Output: XLR-3M balanced, gold-plated black Neutrik connector
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