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  • Date: Tuesday, 3 May 2022
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GLAZE delivers glossy vocal vibes on tap – from wide stacked chords and pads to leads, bass timbres, and more. Recorded with a diverse range of live vocalists, it can do up-front vox duties on lustrous pop and silky smooth R&B and processed melodics for hip hop and trap trickery.

New Riff and Run preset lets you create original vocal runs by combining chopped samples mapped to a scale, and preset macros make it quick and easy to add a little extra seasoning to your licks.

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As part of the KONTAKT Play Series of instruments, GLAZE marks a new frontier in vocal synthesis. Originally developed by Curtis ‘Sauce’ Wilson and Rochad Holiday as a tool for working and harmonizing with studio vocalists, GLAZE is the product of a close partnership fostered over decades.

It includes the vocal recordings of artist Sonna Rele, with additional contributions from Kip Blackshire, B.Slade, and Candice Boyd. The result is a unique spectrum of vocal sounds suited to everything from pop, R&B, hip hop, electronic music, and beyond.

Native Instruments

Originally a custom vocal instrument for collaborating with pop artists, GLAZE was built in collaboration with legendary engineers Curtis “Sauce” Wilson and Rochad Holiday after working with the likes of Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, and Dr Dre.

GLAZE can be used for creating subtle harmonies and backing vocals, or for full vocal riffs and runs that allow you to cut backing vocals on any track. It also provides all the ingredients you need to create a full track, with a versatile preset collection of stacked chords, percussion, bass, leads, and synth sounds. The innovative Riff & Run presets allow you to play vocal riffs alongside a chord progression, whereby runs coincide with the bass note being played.

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Versatile vocals that hit different for pop, hip hop, R&B, and beyond play with Riffs and Runs, chopped vocal lines mapped to scales for natural-sounding sequences explore 148 presets of vocal licks, stacked chords, and even bass and pad sounds, or create your own Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface.


Discover the story behind GLAZE and how it developed from a secret tool in Sauce and Rochad’s vocal engineering workflow into a part of the Play Series.


When inspiration strikes, just play. The Play Series instruments put outstanding sound quality in an easy-to-use package. Each has a distinctive sound and character, offering a comprehensive selection of carefully designed presets and focused controls for modifying them.

Whether you’re new to production or a seasoned pro, the Play Series can inspire your tracks.

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