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Ornament & Crime | Episode 02 | Harrington 1200 + Quantermain




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Harrington 1200 + Quantermain

It’s been great fun to make this video. Harrington 1200 is an app to help you make triads (three-note chords). I totally suck at music theory so making this video wasn’t easy. I can imagine this app isn’t widely used because you’ll need three tuned voices to make chords, a lot of CV/triggers to make progressions, and some knowledge of transformations and inversions.

I tried to patch it up for many hours but did not get any results that could escape the random feel of chords being generated by a machine. I call it ‘dead music’. However, there are millions of pop songs that can be played on white keys only so I tried to create a C to C (Ionian) chord progression on Harrington 1200 – but failed. Harrington can’t do a B C F chord, the B diminished chord that brings tension and magic to a song and demands a ‘happy end’. So I figured if you love chords and have three oscillators to play with, why not add a second O_C to make it an ‘organized crime ornament’. You’ll need another one for Hemisphere anyway! If you’re new to music theory (like me), this video can be helpful too. Have fun!

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