Modular Structures – Your Next Journey into Experimental Music

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 1 October 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

A New Abstract Vision Sound Design Library

Imagine being in a dream and hearing the most beautiful music that you have ever heard. This is one of many ways people might experience Modular Structures, an inspiring sample library by no other than Synth Structure Records’ own duo: Abstract Vision Sound Design! The sounds feature synths, synth FX…

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Experimental Electronic Textures. For music, film, TV, advert, radio, or online productions.

This collection of sounds and instrumentation is the perfect starting point for your next adventure into experimental music. The underlying synths, FXs, pads & drums allow you to create an all-new soundscape that will be uniquely yours with many patches made using modular synthesis techniques like stuttering glitch effects or deep complex electro styles–this pack has everything from ambient drones through brutal industrial beats so there’s something here no matter what type inspiration inspires YOU!

Designed To Inspire

The library contains 1.5GB of sample data with over 300 loops and phrases, all recorded at a tempo of 90BPM! The loops have lengths up to 8 bars or 20 seconds each in three different types – Drum FX (dfx), Pad synth layerings for use on Kickdrums/ hi-hats, etc., Synth Sounds that can be layered into various parts within your song such as leads synths wich play when you solo an instrument during live performances respectively).

Quirky And Cool

Elastik, the most innovative synth creator on earth is back with a new library of exciting sounds. From glitchy and stuttered-out rhythms to wacky filter action that will have you yelling “glitched” in an instant! Whether your music needs are for dance floors or experimental sound design projects – these modules have got it all so grab them now before they run away again.


All sounds created by IDM producer and sound designer Yvat

Pricing and Availability

Modular Structures is available now.

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