IK Multimedia Releases 3 New Plugin Packs: 2 Ways To Gain Access & Huge Savings

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 9 November 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of Total Studio 3.5 MAX and Total VI MAX, which offer 2 new ways for users to gain access to IK’s vast catalog of effects processors and virtual instruments, as well as dramatic savings over the purchase of all of the software titles individually.

With Total Studio 3.5 MAX, IK has created a comprehensive and easy-to-use suite for all your music production needs

A synth that will blow you away with its sound complexity as well as interactivity capabilities without ever getting complicated or overwhelming IK’s popular software is perfect if you’re just starting out but want to take things further than what traditional instruments can offer this latest update includes features such new additive waveforms allowing users more creative freedom when designing their own sounds within categories like jazz bass guitar pianos because there really isn’t anything else on the market quite like it.

Introducing the most comprehensive library of virtual instruments ever released. From classic to cutting-edge, Total VI MAX has it all and then some!

Total Studio 3.5 MAX

SampleTron 2 is the newest and most innovative addition to this years’ release. True sampling has never sounded so good!

You can now find 8 new SampleTank libraries from Electromagnetic and Cinekinetik. These sound design tools were made for composers, producers, DJs who want to make their compositions stand out in an increasingly competitive industry with these freebies! All 4 virtual X-GEAR pedals for AmpliTube 5 along with 6 new T-RackS modules, including FAME Studio Reverb (coming soon), Comprexxor, and the complete TASCAM Tape Collection.

To commemorate the release of IK’s latest and most sought-after music creation software, AmpliTube 5 joined by T-Racks Sunset Sound Studio Reverb. This marks a complete lineup that will have any aspiring guitarist or bassist running back into their room to grab some gear! With a massive 143 products in all, Total Studio 3.5 MAX covers every stage of music production: composing, producing, and designing for pop bands to making hit records with the hottest hip hop acts on earth!

And with over 470 GB of rich, authentic sounds plus 497 ultra-realistic FX, Total Studio 3.5 MAX is the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for creating music in virtually any style.

Total VI MAX

The IK Multimedia Total VI MAX collection is a must-have for musicians who want to create epic tracks. The virtual instruments included in this pack were previously available only through the full version of our award-winning software, but not anymore!

There’s a huge variety of virtual instruments in Total Studio 3.5 MAX – from bass and drums to keyboards, orchestral sounds, or even ethnic percussive grooves for your next music production!

The collection packs over 15,500 instruments, including IK’s SampleTank 4 MAX with 16 additional libraries, new SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and Syntronik Deluxe, which all work equally as standalone applications or as libraries inside SampleTank 4. Plus there’s Hammond B-3X, MODO DRUM, and MODO BASS.

MAXtacular savings

To celebrate the release of Total Studio 3.5 MAX and Total VI MAX, IK Multimedia is offering special introductory pricing on both bundles as well as significant savings on other MAX collections. Through November 30, users can save up to 50% on SampleTank 4 MAX, T-RackS 5 MAX, and AmpliTube 5 MAX. Owners of qualifying IK products can log in to their IK user account and add any of the above MAX collections to cart to see an exclusive discount (Exclusive discounts cannot be combined with JamPoints) at check-out.

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