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Dolby Atmos Compatibility Releases for Sound Particles Space Controller




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Sound Particles has been changing the paradigm of 3D audio software since its inception. The company’s newest release, Dolby Atmos compatibility for Space Controller – a plugin that allows you to control where you want your sound to be by simply pointing your phone in the desired direction – is just another step in their evolution. This revolutionary technology will allow musicians and producers alike to create immersive soundscapes with unmatched precision and creativity.

With Space Controller 1.1, you can now copy automation from one track and paste it on another!

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Dolby Atmos Compatibility Releases for Sound Particles Space Controller 3

Space Controller is an innovative new tool that will help you to get the most out of your animation. Rather than having one big space for each object, users can do a pass with Space Controller and then copy automation over to their tracks – this way they’ll end up with better detail in every area while still maintaining resolution- so there are no missed spots!

New features

  • Dolby Atmos – Create automation data with Space Controller and apply it to a Dolby Atmos-compatible panner 
  • LFE Control – It is now possible to control the level of the LFE channel 
  • Input/Output Layouts – New speaker layouts are now available 
  • Haptic feedback – the phone will vibrate to inform the user of certain special positions (e.g., center, left, left surround, etc.) 
  • New Links – The plugin and the app can now communicate using 128 link channels instead of 4. 

This automation compatibility was requested by many users, which want to use Space Controller to control Dolby Atmos objects”, says Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles. “Although we cannot control object directly yet, due to the limitations of current plugin architectures, we will continue to work with most DAW companies to find a solution in the near future” 

Dolby Atmos demands new experiences

Panning with knobs in stereo is perfectly fine. However, when working on the surround or 3D sound it can be much more difficult to get the results we’re looking for and Space Controller is here as an easy plugin that lets you pan from one format all of those immersive formats such as home studio mixing stage!

Space Controller is the best way to pan sounds in surround and immersive. Simply connect your mobile device, use it as an audience member with a DAW (or any other program), point towards where you want sound effects coming from while listening through headphones – voila!

 About Sound Particles Company With a vision to use the power of computer graphics applied to sound, Sound Particles creates unique software used by top videogame companies and all major Hollywood studios in productions such as Game of Thrones, Frozen II, or Star Wars 9. 

Space Controller 1.1 is available starting November 19th through the Sound Particles store and authorized resellers for a discounted price of $49.5 for standard edition (up to 5.1) and $199.5 for studio edition (for immersive formats), plus applicable taxes, until December 6th, and supports AAX (native), VST, VST3, AU, AUv3. Full system requirements and additional product information can be found here.

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