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RealSamples legacy bundle Pure Sound Collection




realsamples 5 String Bass Collection

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RealSamples legacy bundle Pure Sound Collection

Audio Plugin Deals is partnering with RealSamples on releasing a new bundle which is available for a reduced price of $99 for two weeks from today. The RealSamples legacy bundle(Affiliate Link) features 16 “vintage” sample libraries:

  • 5-String Bass Collection
    A 5-string bass guitar lush, full deep sound of a G&L™ bass is captured with its dynamics with 32 velocity layers of each note.
  • 60’s Synth Collection
    Contains  legendary 60’s organ: The Vox™ Super Continental®
  • 73 Stage Piano Collection
    A vintage Fender™ Rhodes® piano
  • Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.1
    A recorded Alhambra™ acoustic guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.2
    Includes a Martin™ acoustic guitar.
  • Bass Guitar Collection
    Comes with a Warwick™ Streamer® electric bass.
  • Classic Bass Collection
    Höfner™ bass was a successful bass due to the change in beat music in the early 1960s.
  • Concert Guitar Collection
    Anylon-strung “Spanish” concert and grace guitars.
  • Electric Guitar Collection Vol.1 & Vol. 2
    Fender™ Custom Shop Stratocaster® run through guitar through a Fender™ Deluxe® tube amp.
  • Hollow Body Guitar Collection Vol.1 & Vol. 2
    A recorded Gretsch™ Nashville® electric guitar.
  • Overdriven Guitar Collection
    A Gibson™ SG® guitar recorded in its classic overdriven sound.
  • Real Drums Collection
    includes  Pearl™ drum kit with two snare drums (wood & brass), ride, crash & splash cymbals. The drums were sampled with up to 110 velocity layers.
  • Slap Bass Collection
    A recorded Warwick™ Streamer® electric bass
  • Vintage Bass Collection
    A classic Fender™ Jazz Bass®

Rrealsamples Pure Sound Massive Collection comes with presets for the Native Instruments™ Kontakt® sampler (Native Instrument’s Kontakt version 4 or higher, full version required).

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The included Kontakt instruments do not come with an additional GUI which could be confusing as you would expect some kind of an interface. All included instruments are no longer available or “out of print” (as realsamples calls it) and you could not expect a GUI update.

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RealSamples legacy bundle can be bought here (Affiliate Link)  for $99.

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