V Collection 7 Review – A Leading Collection of Celebrated Synths and Keyboards by Arturia

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 11 min.

V Collection 7 by Arturia Review

Arturia has released the updated version V Collection 7 which is under review today. With the new release, you get additionally three new synth and updates for existing instruments.

Arturia is a team of passionate people was founded in Grenoble, France and specializes in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians. Arturia granted a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you simply can use the Arturia Software Center (ASC) to install your version. ASC is the central software tool that manages all your Arturia software licenses. It activates your licenses and synchronizes them across multiple devices. ASC also notifies you of updates and downloads them.

Arturia V Collection 7 Installer


The vintage synths sound extraordinary, and you get a few new soft synths and as well the updated synths from the previous version 6.  The approach to synths is to model instruments by reproducing the actual characteristics of the original hardware while adding new energetic features with additional functions and effects.

The modeled synthesize are excellent, overall pretty close to the original. With the added features you can create sounds that have not been possible with the vintage hardware synths.

TAE® and Phi® Powered

To create its sound, this software title uses both of Arturia’s exclusive modeling technologies. TAE® is used to map out, analyze, and reproduce the nuanced behavior of analog electronic components and circuits. Phi® is focused on physical modeling, reproducing a virtual version of the original instrument inside your computer, letting you hear its resonance and vibrations, rather than simply playing back sampled recordings. The benefit of all this technology is also two-fold: it sounds absolutely amazing, and it gives you huge scope to tweak and personalize.

New V Collection 7 Instruments

    The original instrument redefined what keyboard players could do, unlocking the doors to orchestral and choral sounds at the touch of a key. Arturia’s reinvented versions not only features all original Mellotron tapes still also lets you import and play your own samples with authentic tape emulation.
    The quirky British “silver machine” that put a new spin on modular synthesis, reborn in software with exciting new tricks up its sleeve. Advanced component modeling let Arturia model even its wild, unpredictable nature, with advanced modulation and powerful effects added to the mix.
    The budget synth that became a legend in its own right. The instrument that brought the digital synth revolution to the masses is now at your command. Easy to program phase distortion synthesis with a custom editor, huge modulation potential and awesome effects.

V Collection 7 Updates

    A treasure trove of amazing synth and keyboard sounds with effects, easy to browse, fun to control, with a new built-in live mode. Your go-to choice for inspiration and performances.
    Arturia’s recreation of Hammond’s legendary organ has received a total sound engine overhaul, making it the most authentic, vibrant electric organ virtual instrument ever.
    Over 800 brand new, modern sounds created for legacy V Collection instruments. The hottest synths and chart-topping keys are yours to explore.

Is it a good upgrade from version 6? The upgrade price is reasonably valid, you could wait for a sale. If you are in the new synths and can use them in a project it makes right away commercially to upgrade. If this is the first time you add the Arturia Collection this is a must have. Let’s dive into the different included Synths.

Analog Lab V4

Analog Lab V4 provides you instant access to over 6500 selected designer sounds from all 21 vintage keyboards. The included Presets are picked from V Collection (ARP 2600 V, B-3 V, CS-80 V, CZ V, Farfisa V, Jup-8 V, Matrix-12 V, Mellotron V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, Synclavier V, Synthi V, Piano V, Vox Continental V, Wurli V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, DX7 V and CMI V). You can browse the presets by TYPES, BANKS, sonic CHARACTERISTICS, and INSTRUMENTS (crossing categories) or search by name. With the sheer number of presets, I wish that this tool would be more natural to use while recognizing that this is not an easy task.

New in Analog Lab 4
  • Live mode “Concert” panel to prepare your set and sounds
  • Stage view for peace of mind when playing live
  • 10 integrated effects to color your sounds
  • Search anything: tags, instruments, sound designers, styles
  • Find similar presets with machine learning algorithms
  • Amazing support for Arturia and generic MIDI controllers
  • Discover new presets in the Sound Store
Analog Lab V4

ARP 2600 V3

Arturia’s 2600V or ARP 2600 named after Alan R. Pearlman, whose initials would form the name of ARP Instruments, became interested in instruments for electronic music in 1948. The VST retains the character of the original ARP 2600. It is an extremely convincing and flexible ARP emulation. There are so many extra features you can use to shape the sounds you are generating. If you get confused with the busy interface start with the presets and take it from there. ARP 2600V audible results of the are convinced with the typical ARP-like sounds. It sounds terrific!

B-3 V 2

This is an authentic-sounding software simulation of the classic Hammond B-3 tonewheel organ and Leslie rotary speaker combo. Arturia added effect pedals that allow you to mix in analog delay, chorus, flanger, overdrive, and phase effects. B-3 V works well in many compositions and works very well in jazz, gospel, rock, reggae, and R&B.

B-3 V 2 by Arturia

Buchla Easel V

Get your hands on legendary and desired Buchla synthesizer an emulation of the original Buchla Music Easel released in 1973. Arturia model this on at a component-level. To be able to model on a component-level Arturia extensively analysis Buchla Easel hardware down to the electrical circuits. For me the star in the newly added instruments.

On top, they added newly enhanced functionalities, synchronizable Pulser and Clock, Oscillators quantization which did not exist in the original model. The Gravity Universe is fun more like a game influencing the sound created by game-like physics elements.

Clavinet V

The original vintage instrument from Hohner back from the mid-60s. Clavinet V is a funky, dynamic great for R&B, rock, pop.


This one is modeled after the Fairlight CMI the Godfather of samplers which we did hear in so many pop songs over the last years. At the time a Fairlight CMI was a groundbreaking digital sampler, synthesizer and workstation produced. Used for its original sounds (at around 20k) by Art Of Noise, Stevie Wonder, and Peter Gabriel.

CS-80 V

The modeled  CS-80 was a front-runner synthesizer of the 1970s.  Many consider the Yamaha CS-80 as the prominent analog poly ever created. Used by ABBA, Electric Light Orchestra, Jean-Michel Jarre,  Stevie Wonder, Toto, Vangelis, Ultravox and Peter Gabriel the Yamaha CS-80 was probably one of the most colorful synthesizers created. Arturia modeled all the first parameter of a Yamaha CS-80 (2 oscillators, four filters (high pass, low pass), 2 LFOs, four envelopes, 2 VCAs, one sub-oscillator, one ring modulator, chorus, and tremolo) and included more than 500 presets. The CS-80 is a beautiful synth model significantly by Arturia which allows you without breaking the bank (and spend all your money on eBay) to use one of the most beautiful analog polysynths of all time.


The budget synth that became a legend in its own right. The instrument that brought the digital synth revolution to the masses is now at your command. Easy to program phase distortion synthesis with the custom editor, huge modulation potential and awesome effects

CZ V by Arturia – Aeon


DX7 V is modeling the Yamaha DX-7 without the pain to program it. DX7 V is more straightforward to program and comes with additional functions never available in the vintage synth. Arturia has done a great job in modeling this Yamaha Synth and added valuable new features. Arturia incorporated a modulation matrix, complex,  modulations macros, their sequencer & arpeggiator and more.

Farfisa V

With the Farfisa V instrument, you can play Farfisa Compact Deluxe electronic organ which manufactured in Italy between 1964-1968, there are 147 presets included which give you different perspectives on a legendary Farfisa and will amaze you with the versatility of this instruments.

Like with the other included instruments you can further mangle and change the sound created by using the advanced controls (see below)

Jup-8 V

As with Release 5, the Jup-8 V is part of my personal top 3 across all available synth in the V Collection. In addition to the original features, the modeled Roland Jupiter 8 did have Arturia added a sequencer, a Galaxy module where you can create motion based on the different LFOs and additional effects.

Arturia captured the magic of this classic Roland synth in this software masterpiece. Another of the included synths that allow you to reduce the spend on rather expensive used hardware synths without the need to repair it. Jup-8 V is one of the best software based replicas.

Matrix-12 V

Matrix-12 V modeled after the  Oberheim Matrix 12 which has known for his fattest,  and roundest sounds. Great for brass, pads, textures or mysterious sound design


The real instrument redefined what keyboard players could do, unlocking the doors to orchestral and choral sounds at the touch of a key. Arturia’s reinvented versions not only features all original Mellotron tapes however also lets you import and play your own samples with genuine tape emulation.

Mellotron V by Arturia – Full UI

Mini V

The original hardware synth has been played Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and others and is known for his lead and bass sounds. The Mini V sounds like the original Minimoog however without the burden of the vintage hardware. You will not need to take this synth like the Minimoog to the hardware doctor. Like other synths, the Mini V goes beyond what a Minimoog could do and provides you with three oscillators but is polyphonic and stereo.

Modular V

It is a software modeled after the Moog Modular. You can start without the investment in a synth wall to experience with a modular synth. Arturia has updated the software synth recently and improved the audio quality and added new modules. To start using the Modular V, you may spend your time in the included presets. If you are preparing yourself for an adventure you can and learn the fundamental concept of a modular synth you will discover the enormous opportunities of sound.

Piano V2

With Piano V you get access to 12 different pianos models that changed to your needs. Some are somewhat exotic as they are modeled after a glass or metal pianos. Overall you have access to Classical Upright, Concert Grand, Glass Grand, Intimate Grand, Japanese Grand, Jazz Upright, Metal Grand, Piano-bar Upright, Plucked Grand, Pop Grand, Pop Upright, and Tack Upright. You can control the microphone setup, used reverb and room, supplement hammer or pedal noises, change the tone by making the sound softer, you can create pad like sounds with some additional effects. The 2nd version of Piano V added three other piano models.

Prophet V

This modeled synth Prophet V emulates the Prophet 5, and Prophet VS is known for its analog warmth and unique sound. You can use both classics in an utterly fabulous hybrid mode.


It includes all the initial parameters of the and classic Oberheim SEM: two oscillators, each offering sawtooth wave and variable-width pulse wave with PWM, sine wave LFO, 12dB/oct multimode Filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch, two ADS envelope generators. Arturia has added new functionality (LFO, Noise, Sub oscillator, on board effects (overdrive, chorus, and delay), Arpeggiator, Portamento). The SEM V is excellent for a solid bass line.

Solina V

Solina V is a classic String Machine which offers additional controls when compared to the original. As in other Arturia products the development team has added features that significantly enhance the synth. The hard this instruments is modeled after is an ARP Solina String Ensemble which has used in many hits in the past. You can recreate the Solina sound or use it as a starting point to come up with new unheard sounds. Shimmering ensemble effect.

Stage-73 V

Stage-73 V is a real sounding simulation of the Stage and  Suitcase 73-key electric pianos. Modeled after the tremendous electric pianos from Rhodes. It is a unique shaped Rhodes instrument where other available instruments are sample based. The market penetration with Rhodes soft plugin is however extensive, and you can select out of many possible emulations today.

Synclavier V

Recreated in partnership with original programmer Cameron Jones the Synclavier V was created and comes with an additive and FM synthesis. In the old days, a Synclavier was just out of the reach of many musicians due to its price and maintenance effort. However, it has been used in significant music production and was part of much larger studio. Of course, Arturia improved the developed version where possible to allow you to create aggressive leads and long evolving sounds and scapes. Synclavier V promptly went to the top of my preferred Arturia instruments.


The quirky British “silver machine” that put a new spin on modular synthesis, reborn in software with exciting new tricks up its sleeve. Advanced component modeling let Arturia model even its excessive, unpredictable nature, with excellent modulation and powerful effects added to the mix.

Synthi V by Arturia – Sequence


Over 800 brand new, modern sounds created for legacy V Collection instruments. The hottest synths and chart-topping keys are yours to explore.

VOX Continental V

Vox V is a 60s classic used in many songs in 1960s time. After you play through the more than 190 included presets I recommend you use the sounds to do some sound mangling and sound design using additional 3rd party plugins.

Wurli V

With the Wurli V, you get access to the bright, mellow and hard tone of a Wurlitzer.

In V Collection 7, Arturia has used cutting-edge modeling techniques to create the most accurate software versions of dozens of time-honored instruments. Their exclusive True Analog Emulation® (TAE) and advanced physical modeling put these legendary instruments at your fingertips as software. Over 100 years of music history are now yours to explore, and use to shape the sound of the future.

User interface & Usability

The look and feel of each instrument based on the retro look of the modeled hardware. The benefit is that you get the look and feel of such equipment, the drawback is that it is not optimized with a modern UI and you have to learn different interfaces. The interfaces for all instruments is resizable, making it easy to work with any High-Resolution (up to 5K) screen, UHD or Retina.

V Collection 7 is compatible with Native Instruments’ NKS control standard. With the available MIDI Learn functionality you can easily map controls to different MIDI controllers.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

The V Collection 7 offers you a tremendous amount of a lot of classic synths for the money just an outstanding collection with remarkably rare characters and quality.

One of the killer arguments could be to prevent eBay purchases that result in vintage hardware synth that could work for a long time or be dead on arrival or weeks later which make you cover the additional costs. While the software synth is not always sounding precisely the same, you have a great sound in your arsenal and can use the extra features that have not been available in the hardware.

With Version 7 Arturia remains in the top league, V Collection 7 is one of the fabulous soft synth suites available.

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