Ebony by Acustica Audio Review

In our review of Eboby developed by Acustica Audio, we are looking at a reverb plugin plus extras. Ebody is modeled after the EMT 140. Elektro-Mess-Technik (EMT) is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment; they developed the EMT 140 plate reverb which was one of their best selling of EMT’s products.

Ebony is more than a reverb; it is a bundle of analog vintage units including a channel strip, compressor and expander, EQ and filters, preamp and plate reverb. Acustica Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached. Those various modules are available as single plugins, or you can use the channel strip plugin.


You use the Acustica Audio download, installation and authorization tool called Aquarius. This tool makes it easy to install and authenticate the plugin and supports different formats that need to be installed.

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Ebony is an excellent reverb originating from the legacy and combination: EQ, compressors, preamp, and the reverb. The plate reverb, EQs, compressors, and preamps should be all derived from EMT consoles. EBONY is a bundle that includes five different plug-ins:

Ebony channel strip

Hi and low filters, three different EQs, one plate reverb, four compressors and natural routing matrix for assign processors modules to dry and wet signal path.

Ebony by Acustica Audio Channel Strip

Ebony compressor

Four compressors and one upward expander

Ebony compressor

Ebony equalizer

Three different equalizers plus hi-pass and Low-pass filters

Ebony equalizer

Ebony preamp

Eight different preamplification

Ebony preamp

Ebony reverb

Plate reverb simulation with pre-delay, early/late, decay and drive controls

Ebony reverb

While you may buy the bundle for the reverb the Preamps, EQs and compressor are given you that vibe of a creamy, smooth, dark chocolate truffles. Hungry?

If you are not into chocolate Ebony sounds in a nutshell like the real EMT 140 and includes additional plugin components that on their own produce great tone. Ebony has a leading sound quality and is amongst the best plate reverb I have heard in the box.

The plate has a pretty superior vibe and sounds more real. The introduced pre-delay separates and moves the early reflections from the tail of the verb. With this, the sound keeps the perception of space created by the early reflection and has the tail grove with the beat of the music. The included EQ is excellent for shaping the reverb when needed.

The (four) compressors are incredibly snappy on drums, and the plate is just great for bass, drums, guitar, piano, and vocals.

The presets names sound like names you come up with after you did spend a long night with friends have fun.

Ebony Presets

Make sure to take a look at the presets and the selected photos in the manual, Acustica Audio is always going the extra mile in their customer-facing documentation.

User interface & Usability

The UI is similar to working with real hardware. Acustica Audio plugins, in general, sound like hardware units and you have to use them also in a same way. Ebony is rather CPU-intensive which you have to plan for when mixing or mastering. You address this by reducing the number of used reverbs through grouping the reverb or apply the final complete reverb at a late stage. Printing tracks helps to reduce the CPU load.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Ebony and the included different tools which sound magic and genuinely beneficial. The plate reverb gives you that unique color and can not be found in many other plugins. The Ebony channel strip is handy for bass, drums, guitars, leads, pads, and vocals. As a result of all the components included Ebony is one of the best sounding EMT140 Plate emulations you can buy.

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