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B2 by 2CAudio Review

Looking for reverb with excellent sound, natural to use and if needed an immense scope of control? How about two independent reverb engines plus a saturation and limiter unit? Need plenty of presets to get started?

After this engaging introduction, you know what B2 by 2CAudio is capable of doing for you.

2CAudio develops audio plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats. Their focus is on spatial processing and advanced creative effects. 2CAudio did send a review copy with no strings attached.


2CAudio has released an algorithmic reverb B2 which comes with a dual reverb engine that is flexible and comes with additional effects to shape the resulting reverb effect. With the saturation effect, you can add implied saturation or take the whole track into an ultimate bit-crushing land.

B2 by 2CAudio Settings

B2 produces excellent sounds and is an excellent choice to add body to specific sounds. B2 can be used to inject live and movement and is an excellent tool for generating harsh environment.

B2 can be CPU intensive, you will find out if you would need for sketching use the B2 reverb at lower CPU demanding settings, and when you are ready to print the stems switch to higher quality modes and oversampling.

B2 by 2CAudio Presets

2CAudio reports a lot of presets, you receive:

  • 672 Factory Presets in 25 classes
  • 96 Dynamics Presets in 7 classes
  • 54 Engine Templates in 8 classes
  • 319 Engine Presets in 12 classes from Breeze 1.1

To expand the Preset, you can at a cost add expansions:

B2 offers according to 2CAudio 36 damping, 30 EQ filter choices, 33 Attitude types, 4 Attitude routings, 4 Density modes, 12 Contour modes, 2 Modulation modes, 3 Modulation densities, 4 Dynamics modes, 4 Dynamics routings, two different spatial modes, and four delay feedback/Time modes. All said it means that you get plenty of tools and effects to shape the sound as needed or take the tone into sound design levels to develop and mangle it.

User interface & Usability

It has a UI that shows its age. Even when from a design point of few several years old, 2CAudio found a way six years ago to come up with an Interface that allows you to get started and make adjustments quickly. It still feels fresh, a pleasant surprise.

B2 by 2CAudio

Rating:  Five out of five stars

B2 reverb offers that great dual-reverb with an additional effects engine that makes it unique. The resulting character of the B2 sound is entirely excellent. Starting with a preset and drive the whole track or mix bus to the new limits with the combinations that are available. B2 is a fabulous sounding algorithmic reverb.

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