Lofi House System for Arturia CMI-V by Plughugger Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Lofi House System for Arturia CMI-V by Plughugger Review

I got especially interested in lofi since early 2018. When I did see that Plughugger released a lofi sound-set for the new Arturia CMI-V sampler I was eager to get my hands on it and see which lofi sounds the package includes.

Lofi House System for Arturia CMI V

We did review Arturia CMI-V as part of our V Collection 6 by Arturia Review back in December 2017. CMI-V is modeled after the Fairlight CMI the Godfather of samplers which we did hear in so many pop songs over the last years. At the time a Fairlight CMI was a groundbreaking digital sampler, synthesizer and workstation produced. Used for its original sounds (at around 20k) by Art Of Noise, Stevie Wonder, and Peter Gabriel.

Lofi House System for Arturia CMI V Main
Lofi House System for Arturia CMI-V Main

Plughugger is a boutique company started 2009 as a music technology review site by a  Swedish fellow named Carl Lofgren, who has been writing professionally about music and computers since the days of the Atari ST.  Plughugger has grown to include sounds for some of the most significant software instruments on the market, and made factory sounds for companies such as Arturia, Tone2 and the massive Solaris synthesizer by John Bowen. Plughugger did send a review copy with no strings attached.


This is an Arturia CMI-V format. You import in CMI-V Plughugger Lofi House System.cmix file and you are done.


Lofi House System is based on 200 individual chord/stab sounds. There are different versions included an “ambient” reversed version with extra noisy lofi settings, lush reverb, and delay. There is also a “modern” version with velocity filter modulation, and an expand the reverb tail.

Lofi House System for Arturia CMI V Overview

Lofi House System contains 600 stabs/chord presets

  • 200 “dry” chords/stabs
  • 200 “modern processing” chord/stabs
  • 200 “ambient versions” chord/stabs
  • 11 drum sounds
  • 50 sequences

As expected and needed for lofi the included sounds are not as excellent and pristine as possible. These are lofi samples played in the software synth that come with a great vibe. You should use these lofi sounds create tracks that stand out and sound better.

User interface & Usability

It is a preset based on the Arturia CMI-V synth.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Lofi House System is an astonishing resource for lofi sounds, this time usable in an Arturia CMI-V software synthesizer.Lofi House System is aimed producer working on classic Old-School House, Deep House and stabs for more Tech House stuff.

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