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Reformer Pro by Krotos Review




Reformer Pro by Krotos Review 2

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Reformer Pro by Krotos Review

Reformer Pro by Krotos which is reviewed today is a sound design tool for your existing sound libraries to blend up to four sounds with the source material.

Reformer Pro by Krotos Review 2
Reformer Pro by Krotos

Krotos tools have been review before. We did take a look at Weaponiser Fully Loaded and Dehumaniser 2. Both have been recognized as excellent tools and on their topic as valuable tools for a professional sound designer. Krotos in our view is one of the leading innovative plugin developer of modern sound design tools in the sound industry. Krotos did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Run the installer downloaded from The plugin used iLok for copy protection and based on your license issued it will be reflected in the tool. A free trial of Reformer Pro can be used for 10, fully-functional, and without a permit.


Reformer Pro enhanced what are borings sounds and makes them fit better to picture, for music producer this tool can take your average score and produce some unheard underscore beds or strange sounds that you can use in your project. This feature helps in the ongoing demand for entirely new timbre and sounds.

Reformer Pro Libraries

Reformer Pro includes an ecosystem which supports your sounds and as well new sounds that can be purchased.

Reformer Pro ships with a collection of valuable libraries:

  • Black Leopard Pro
  • Electronic Pro
  • Fruit Squash Pro
  • Leather Pro

Where this tool shines is when you need to enhance dull and uninteresting recordings that need to be spiced up. I went wild and fed random clicks, noise and merely lousy record to it and got based on the selected target library refreshing toons out of Reformer Pro. These kinds of experience define an inspiring sound designer plugin. Combine it with the other tools from Krotos before or after the tool, and you set yourself up for a large variety of new sounds for your collection and customers.

Reformer Pro runs on a Yearly or Monthly Subscription Model, that works for a professional sound designer (yearly) and for an amateur sound designer who wants to produce some effect sounds for a limited time (Monthly). This is a Krotos plugin; you may ask where is the monster inside. The Monster inside is that you can change every sound with up to four different references and create something new and appealing. The flexibility to adopt a tone and blend it with four new sound sources allows you to continually create new sound effects that will make your work stand out.

Screen Shot 2018 03 30 at 05.19.14

Krotos did include tools to allow you to embed your sound libraries. The analysis tool is easy to use, and you will experience a bit on how many sounds can be included from a specific folder. Overall the tool analysis a folder containing WAV files and the result is a good library.

The tool reposts back if the samples are too short (less than one sec), after importing a new sound library you need to reload Reformer Pro. I did feed instruments, foley, textures, and drones into the tool; my advice is just to try your libraries. As the import takes the time make a small subset and import through the analysis tool small version to see how it sounds and helps you in your work.

Screen Shot 2018 03 30 at 05.20.49

User interface & Usability

The interface is simple you do select the replacing four libraries and move on the pad the small yellow dot to blend the incoming source sound. The tool is as easy to use as it gets when you design a quick to win productive tool with no fuzz attached.


The big part of the plugins is occupied by the Visualiser. The Visualiser is sensitive to frequency and amplitude. The outer-most (yellow) ring displays the frequency of the processed (wet) signal.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Reformer Pro is a new and fresh approach to sound design. As it comes with a subscription model on top, it is geared for the professional sound designer. The possibility to add your sound sources, auto creates sound libraries with the included analysis tool rounds up this excellent tool.

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