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Weaponiser Fully Loaded by Krotos Review (updated)




Weaponiser Fully Loaded Normal UI

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Weaponiser Fully Loaded by Krotos Review

Weaponiser Fully Loaded is a next generation sound design tool that renders tones from today’s and future short and long hand weapons. Sound designers are always looking for weapon sounds. With the action-heavy trailer, games, and movies these days there is always a struggle to enhance the audience experience with new weapon sounds. Krotos did send a review copy with no strings attached.

In the current market, you find solutions that are based on Wav files which a sound designer uses to arranges to picture. Weaponiser is different as it includes three parts:

  1. More than 1500 weapon recordings
  2. A sound tool to change the provided sounds from Krotos
  3. A fully loaded sound design tool that incorporates your existing sounds sleeping on your hard disk.

The sound design aspect of this tool should be not overlooked. I would see it a reason to get this tool without even looking at the include more than 2000 assets. If you look at Weaponiser Fully Loaded as a pure sound design tool, you get a tool that can enhance all the real sounds you recorded or bought in the past. Noise can be created in endless variations and also musical sounds are within reach.


Download and run the installer downloaded from The plugin uses iLok for authorization. Supported host applications: Pro Tools (11 or later), Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, and Ableton Live. AAX Native/AudioSuite, VST, AU Formats (64-bit only)


Kotos developed Weaponiser Fully Loaded as a complete tool that can be used to produce sounds from a weapon be it a pistol, assault rifle, rifle, submachine gun (SMG), Foley and more. Those sound are complex to record or produce, now available in a flexible tool.

In Weaponiser Fully Loaded you can select from 1594 weapon recordings, combine them and process them. Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers a total of 2288 assets, 1596 edited Weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 692 sweeteners and 39 IRs and 135 presets.

Krotos produce the sounds with different microphones: including several DPA’s, Neumann’s, Sennheiser’s and some selected other ones. The microphones have been placed at different distances from the shooting range – ranging from close contact to 200 meters.

The tool is part of the moderns tools family of sound design tools like Turbine by BOOMLibray. These tools are all about a next-gen approach to providing the sound designers with a superior and complete sound design instrument.

With Weaponiser Fully Loaded weapons sounds can be easily created and designed to picture. This tool is more than just sounds and foley for today’s hand armory. With this plugin. I did create believable weapon sounds, foley sounds, bullets flying by, sounds that can be used for a scene where a mech is reloading and more.

When you need sounds for a futuristic picture sound of a different plasma and laser weapons with the required foley sounds and rifle sound is covered.

There is also a ton of impact sounds if a concrete and brick wall or wood and earth is hit – great for the bullets that do not find their target and need to be still heard and experienced by the audience.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded Presets
Weaponiser Fully Loaded Presets

Starting in SoundMiner  I dragged my sounds from BOOMLibrary, Cinetools, HISSandaROAR, SKYESAudio, Ueberschall or many other sounds on my hard disk into the tool.  The next step was changing and mangle sounds. This integration of existing sounds makes the tool a must buy if you are anywhere close to sound design.  It can not get easier: You drag sounds from SoundMiner into the tool and process it there; you can combine the included sounds with you sounds in your catalog or even mix it with musical instruments.

The plugin contains four main sections where you can in each layer sounds apply effects and create a sophisticated weapon sounds. The sections are divided into the initial sound when you charge a weapon, followed by the main (body) sound, combined with a low-bass layer of a shot and finished with a tail. In each section, you can apply complex effects in the last section (tail) you can use a convolution reverb.

Available FX modules are:

  • EQ (5-bands, all peak filters)
  • Saturation
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Ring Modulator
  • Transient Shaper
  • Flanger/Chorus
  • Noise gate (with sidechain)

Multi-Channel Routing is available which is key if you need to render layers and process single layer with external fx plugins or assign the tracks to different surround channels.

User interface & Usability

Weaponiser Fully Loaded comes with a full UI that can be easily used to generate the weapon sound that is required by the client. You can select pure sounds or take it to the next level and use Weaponiser Fully Loaded as a sound design plugin.

The embedded file browser allows you to navigate between your different assets on your hard disk. I did miss the possibility to add a favorite. When you change the preset loaded the browser did reset to its default location.

The included sounds have metadata that can be used with the assets browser tag function. Using tags, you can select the sound you need for example if you search for single shots from a gun.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded Tags
Weaponiser Fully Loaded Tags

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Weaponiser Fully Loaded is a unique sound design tool for short and long weapon sound and leading this space. Krotos is providing a tool that has a relatively complete set of weapons recordings and caters the need tool to create ultimate weapons for a Sci-Fi picture. Weaponiser centers around designing weapon sounds of different characters.

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