THE GLUE by Cytomic Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

THE GLUE by Cytomic Review

THE GLUE is under review today. As the name hints the aim of the plugin is to glue a mix together. There are some SSL compressor plugin emulations available on the market. Let’s see how this one is different.

Cytomic The Glue
Cytomic – The Glue

Cytomic did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download on a MAC a package in which you find an installer for THE GLUE, install it and authorize with the codes you receive the plugin when opening it the first time in your DAW. If you want to try it first you can download a limited trial version.


This plugin The Glue is emulating a vintage hardware compressor. The Glue is modeled after the fabulous Solid State Logic G Buss Compressor. The hardware was installed and used in analog desks like the SSL 4000G and the 9000K.

These units come with that special vibe of analog equipment. The vibe comes from the added harmonics to the signal that’s processed. Cytomic’s The Glue produce harmonics that shapes and enhance the sound passing through it, and that is the magic you can expect from this kind of compressor plugins.

Cytomic The Glue Presets

The Glue makes drums punchy and sticks out in the mix. As a result, the attack of the kick drum is slightly improved. When you add The Glue to the mix you not only glue it together you also add a sparkling tone to the mix. I applied The Glue on various instruments and effects channels, with surpassing benefit to the harmonious outcome. When possible I increased the oversampling (see below in the UI section) to get even better results.

User interface & Usability

It is a console and hardware inspired interface, easy to use and responsive.

The Glow UI
The Glue UI

The plugin supports different level of audio quality, you can increase the overall quality and improve the high frequencies by dialing in Oversampling. I would suggest that you when you do the final print of the score that you turn this up and leave it on average while you mix a session.

Cytomic The Glue Oversampling
Cytomic – The Glue Oversampling

Rating:  Five out of five stars

THE GLUE is an excellent compressor that infuses the right amount of harmonics distortion and glues everything together on the master bus. The Glue is truly remarkable on drums, able to tighten guitars and on the mix bus. With this tool, you gain access to a modeled version of an SSL G‑series compressor. At the price point, it offers amazing value for an SSL compressor.

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