Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 by Triple Spiral Audio Review

Empty Fields – F.2  produced by Triple Spiral Audio is a sound collection for Omnisphere 2. The producing company is planning to schedule the release in ten parts, every four to five weeks there will be a new part made available. Currently, as of May 2018, there are three parts released already. The company plans to include more than 50 new patches and ten plus multis in each release.


You receive for each package a file you after download and unpack, use the install feature in Omnisphere to add each of the packets to your Omni 2 user library.


We are reviewing a product that is as three out of ten parts are released which means it is 30% complete. The reason to cover it now is that the excellent quality of the patches and sound that are released already and the expectation is that the high-quality level will be kept in the months to come. To join you need to purchase the current package and will receive the additional packets in the future. My expectation and “hope” is after the last unit is released to have access to a high-quality sound collection with hundreds of patches and multis for Omnisphere 2. The producer is known for its fabulous sound libraries.

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Overall so far the sound sets are based on newly recorded material combined with sound sources from the Omnisphere 2 essence library.

Pack 1 – 3 contains:

Pack 1 carries the spiritual attraction of winter scenery. Everything has a bitter, strange,  dark and mystical mood attached to it. The collection includes 70 patches, ten multis, and 43 new sound sources. Included are Ambiences, ARP’s, basses, keys, leads, pad, and soundscapes.  The video below gives you a good overview of what is involved and how it sounds.

Pack 2 follows the winter theme in Pack 1; this time is early spring. The character of the vibe is mild, sentimental, moving and developing style. The video below shows what is included.

Pack 3 has a lot of flow and an emotional spirit. The producer added some more experimental moods as well. It contains 50 patches, ten multis, and 18 sound sources. You can preview all the sounds & Instruments in the walkthrough video below.

Pack 4 – The fourth pack is scheduled for mid/end of June and is currently being recorded.

User interface & Usability

This is an Omnisphere sound set and depends on the commonly known Omnisphere 2 Interface.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Based on the current release Empty Fields – F.2  is of excellent quality, tone, and vibe. If you are into Omnisphere 2 sound collection you should definitive purchase today and start using now. The first collection begins in the winter time. Pack 2 is all around spring mood, and pack 3 is more emotional. If you do not want to purchase the whole collection, you can buy single packs also –  there is an option to upgrade to the full kit.

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