ODDular by Sound Dust Review

ODDular by Sound Dust is a hybrid sample instrument based around three specially coded beat synced super LFOs, a complex but very simple to use modulation matrix and an innovative user interface.

ODDular by Sound Dust Review PSEUDCASE

Sound Dust is the brainchild of Pendle Poucher, a Brighton UK based composer, sound designer and lover of funny noises. Sound Dust did send a review copy with no strings attached. See also our Ships Piano³ by Sound Dust ReviewINFUNDIBULUM#1 by Sound Dust ReviewModular Chaos Engine Vol 1-4 by Sound Dust ReviewCloud Viola2 by Sound Dust Review, pendleonium³ and FRICTION (DIVA presets) by Sound Dust Review.

Pendle has written, produced and performed soundtracks for every significant UK TV station and much more all over the world. Pendle worked for ten years as sound designer and composer for award-winning theatre company DreamThinkSpeak devising amongst others a 32 channel soundtrack for their radical reworking of Hamlet “The Rest is Silence” in 2012.

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After purchase, you receive a download link, download the library, unpack the library. You need the FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.8 by Native Instruments or above is to use ODDular.

You need to install the included snapshots manually. Pls, follow the description contained in the download.

ODDular by Sound Dust Review Snapshots


ODDular is using 3 LFOs to generate unusual sounds and use the LFOs at the same time to module several parameters and reshape the used samples. The LFO can also modulate one of the other LFO. Every LFO can modulate each other, and it will be time synced by design.

ODDular is packed with multi-samples from rare and sought after classic synths: EMS VCS3 Putney, Oberheim Xpander 6, Siel Orchestra and great sounding synth wildcards – Moog Dfam, Moog Voyager, Technics WSA1, Make Noise O-Coast and Nord Wave.


ODDular Features:

  • LFOs (Low-frequency oscillators – the colored ones)
  • ENVELOPE FOLLOWER (the pink one)
  • XY PAD

When you dive into creating the new sound with this Kontakt library a good starting point is to use the included snapshots. From there is a quick step to have fun and float in the see of great sounds to experiment and enjoy making noises that are unique.

User interface & Usability

The UI is supporting you to design and define new sounds. As with other Sound Dust libraries, the Interface makes sense, is common across several products and looks clean. The designed Interface is notable user-friendly to use.

ODDular UI

Rating:  Five out of five stars

ODDular is another excellent and exotic sound library to generate amazing and sensational sounds. ODDular has the Sound Dust signature for outstanding and unusual sounds as you would expect. You can go from normal, tension-driven sounds, monstrous into crazy land just as your project requires.  A great library for sound design, sound beds, “bringing an emotion across” or just as a mad sound for your next musical track.


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