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Electric Grand Piano Review – a Complete Hybrid Electric Grand by UVI




Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review UVIs Workstation

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Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review

In today’s review of the EGP or Electric Grand Piano by UVI we are looking back time into the mid-80’s. According to UVI their Electric Grand Piano it is one of the most detailed and comprehensive electric grand piano instrument ever produced.

Originated in the 70’s, the Yamaha CP-60, CP-70 and CP-80 were produced for touring artists. There have been models with MIDI output like CP-60M, CP-70M, and CP-80M.  Due to their specific vibe and sound, the CP product line was used by many musicians in those days. The CP production was finally ceased in the mid-80’s.

We did review other Piano libraries from UVI as well see also the Augmented Piano by UVI ReviewUVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Bows
Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Bows


You download the library from your UVI user account. If you do not see the EGP use the code you received when you purchased the library to claim the product here. Electric Grand Piano runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.10+, and Falcon version 1.2.1+. You need an iLok account (free, dongle not required) to register the library to your account locally.


UVI started to sample and record a Yamaha CP-70. The CP-70 is a famous,  well known portable electric grand piano. It was performed by Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Boston, Journey, Asia, and Genesis. If you at my age you do remember those groups and songs when they published their tracks on LP and such.

Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review UVIs Workstation
Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review UVI’s Workstation

UVI then started the project to record a full and comprehensive CP70/80 with the aim to capture the pianos specific tone and character. They used also additional hardware and fittings to record many new sounds that have never been played on this electric grand piano.


UVI recorded five discrete channels, also including the electric output and instrument acoustics miked in L/R and M/S configurations. In short, UVI went the extra mile to produce a comprehensive library. UVI has captured the CP-70 through a Class A direct box into a  converter plus more additional hardware.

UVI recorded ten special preparations like classic, brush, bow, bow, fingers, pick, stick and more.

Ten unique preparations

The focus of this library is an Electronic Piano with some additional hybrid sounds through its recorded preparations. UVI delivers more than a Piano library. You also get sounds for drones, brilliant and percussive resonances, soundscapes and more. The main focus is on the CP from Yamaha, sounds from the preparations and using the different AMPs to procress the sound.

Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Misc Patches
Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Misc Patches

Considerable attention was taken by the producer to capture the sound of the CP-70 in the most complete and detailed way possible, resulting in a core library of over 10,000 samples. With this library, you are all set for your need to have a CP-70 available at your fingertips or keyboard.

As you are aware many modern scores to picture include the sound of synths and electric pianos possibly as a background vibe only. In some situations, you want to use additional tools like Grind by Audio Damage or Turnado by Sugar Bytes to produce an even more unique sound.

User interface & Usability

The UI of Electric Grand Piano is easy to use, you will have access to all features needed to use this fine library.

Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Fingers
Electric Grand Piano by UVI Review Fingersa

Electric Grand Piano features:

  • Ten prepared piano styles
  • Discrete and fully mixable electric, L/R and M/S signals
  • M/S signal switchable to dual mono
  • Independent effect chains for acoustic and electric signals
  • Independent ADSR amplitude control for acoustic and electric signals
  • Resonance polyphony and volume control
  • Pedal and Release volume control
  • Extended Range switch provides a full 88-note range
  • Wheel Strum
  • 100+ preset library
  • 10,000+ sample library using lossless streaming

Rating:  Four out of five stars

EGP or Electric Grand Piano by UVI is the next level and extensively sampled CP70. UVI included both electrically and acoustically samples with plenty of useful mic recordings and positions. The flexibility to play a CP70 or use the prepared instrument is matching many needs for vibe and emotion. What makes this CP70 so unique is the level of details and authenticity that you can get with UVI version.

EGP is stunning now you can use this unique piano in your compositions. UVI’s EGP has an intense vibe and is at the same time highly customizable. UVI has done a brilliant job with this one. The need to use an EGP is really up to the outline of your composition. The CP sits well in the background and if the theme fits the time when these vibes have been most known for also in the front. For other focused projects, you can beef up your compositions with the prepared sounds and some timbres that are more sound design than a piano.

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