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Luftrum 18 a soundset for Omnisphere 2

Luftrum 18 reminds me of tracks I heard from Jarre, and Vangelis which impacted the industry in a big way. Omnisphere 2.5 if you do not know this fine synth is a top-notch software synth for which many companies including Luftrum produce sound sets that are highly customizable and creative. Luftrum did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Luftrum 18 ARK Deep Machine


After downloading you unpack the received file and add the extension in Omni directly. The installation process is due to the easy way to add libraries into Omnisphere very quickly done by anyone – even new users of Omnisphere 2.5.


Luftrum 18 sound set for Omnisphere 2 is an excellent collection of 128 crafted presets for Omnisphere 2. Produced by Arksun and Luftrum these two sound designers founded a library with playable presets that sit well in a mix of modern, cinematic scores. 

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Luftrum 18 LUF Dynamic Duo

Luftrum 18 is a collaboration of the gifted sound designer Luftrum and Arksun who work together to build a soundset of utilizable sounds provided towards film, ads, TV, Soundwave and library music.

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