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Intimate Studio Strings Review – Authenticity and Passion by 8Dio




Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Arcs

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8Dio’s Intimate Studio Strings Review

Intimate Studio Strings produced by 8Dio is reviewed today. The library gives dozens of playable articulations. 8Dio did send a review copy with no strings attached.



Download and unpack the library with the 8Dio installer tool, enter the serial code you receive after purchase. Alternative a manual download links can be provided by 8Dio as well.

The full Retail version of Kontakt 5.7+ is required, the free Kontakt Player will not work. The library needs 45GB of Hard Drive Space when installed.

8Dio Intimate Studio Strings download tool
8Dio Intimate Studio Strings download tool


8Dio Intimate Studio Strings grants you immediate access to dozens of exceptional and individual playing techniques and articulations.  As a composer, you master the section size depending on your need.


The library supports you arranging 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 violinists, 1-3 cellists, 1-3 violas, 1-3 basses, and position the instruments in the stereo field as well  DAW tempo sync for some articulations. Includes ability to control each sections volume, routing, panning, and even distance/perspective in the stereo field.

Sine 2017 an excellent tone is not sufficient in a string library to be a major library as many string libraries have a unique color. There is more needed to be a leading and worth the investment into string libraries like a complete set of articulations and playable practical legato. 

8dio Intimate Studio Strings has a much higher character than numerous other string libraries that are available. It can be that dry solo string library many composers have been requesting for some time.

Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Arcs


This virtual string library works well when your score to picture. 8Dio incorporated some examples (presets) to make a point that their strings work exceptionally well for other applications. For example Disco, Folk and Pop and as well for classical, and soundtrack tracks.


The library has a complete articulation list.  Starting from adaptive legato, con sordino, sensitive arcs, sustains, short articulation, ostinatos in multiple tempos and dynamics,  string runs, FX over to unique presets.

The different articulations sound great and can be played at various dynamics.  The included legato patches are exceptional, harmonious and very playable.  Some preset helps to recreate that disco vibe. Even when many disco songs have been using string machines and synths playing synths in the past – it just sounds right.

Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Single Articulation
Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Single Articulation

8Dio String libraries become unique and special because of the Arcs. 8Dio’s Arcs are well produced and work at different speeds and operate robustly in composition.  

How does it fit your existing string libraries?

You do already have string libraries from Chris Hein, Performance Samples, Spitfire, Cinematic Studio Series, Bohemian, Embertone, Orchestral Tools and/or Cinesamples? I recommend that you strongly consider adding this beautiful library and combine it with your existing libraries.

One thing for sure: As a songwriter, you know that there is never the point where you do have enough String Libraries.

Pick your strings out of the many available string instruments in the area where they perform best. At the end of the day most important is to deliver a score matching the imperative mood and the taste customer.

User interface & Usability

You have the choice to use the individual articulation patches or perform with an all-in-one patch. The included articulations are entirely consistent which is a big plus and when you look into other products still kind of unique.

The workflow has changed compared to other string libraries from 8Dio.  I prefer the new design and found the workflow to manage the required articulation and excellent section control very end-user friendly. For a quick mock-up run, you can quickly patch up a full string ensemble with the support of the designed Interface.

Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Single one
Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Single one

8Dio Intimate Studio Strings allows you to manage the size of the performing string ensemble. With up to 256 combinations of up to 3 players for basses, cellos & violas, and up to 5 for violins, you can build a small ensemble or bigger to match the mood of your score.

Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Effects
Intimate Studio Strings by 8Dio Review Effects

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Intimate Studio Strings sounds excellent and is a great solo/small ensemble particular library with a remarkable list of included articulation. 8Dio developed Intimate Studio Strings as a top-notch string library.  Excellent use when you score to picture or produce an EDM/POP song.  Beside great articulations, you get a superior warm tone, tasteful vibrato, and minimal phasing.

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