The Planet Deep Scan Review – a sci-fi and dark ambient sample library by Atom Hub

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

The Planet Deep Scan by Atom Hub Review

The Planet Deep Scan by Atom Hub is after the previous released THE PLANET a much darker and more focused on the background library. Atom Hub did send a review copy with no strings attached.

The Planet Deep Scan a sci fi dark ambient sample library
The Planet Deep Scan a sci-fi dark ambient sample library


You download the library after purchase, unpack it and use it in Kontakt and up, the full Kontakt version is required.


The Planet Deep Scan transports a celestial body but is “scanning” the planet it with modern gear. Compare to an earlier release called the Planet the scanners went more profound this time, bringing back a lot of new data – sounds, noise, and signals. The sounds for sci-fi themed tracks and score have been carefully processed, shaped and curated.

The Planet Deep Scan concentrates on a dark, textural content intended for creating evolving sound textures and soundscapes in a vintage, lo-fi fashion. It includes dark spaceship corridors, weird signals, noises of unknown apparatuses, signs of alien lifeforms.

Chords Of Fate The Planet Deep Scan
Chords Of Fate – The Planet Deep Scan

The Planet Deep Scan consists of 22 Kontakt-patches. Each of these patches comprises of 4 original sounds. In the DERIVED file folder, you will find 74 additional sounds from the deep derived from the basics sounds. In addition, you will find another 30 multi patches in MULTI folder – these are combinations of more than one patches, giving you even more sound designs to use immediately.

Sleeping Systems The Planet Deep Scan

There is already a free extension available for The Planet – Deep Scan that has been approved by Atom Hub and is entirely free as of January 2019. For anyone who wants to download the expansion AmbieticA which is an impressive release with 21 new presets that include Synth Pads, Ambient Drones, and Spacey Leads here is the link.

AmbieticA an expansion for The Planet Deep Scan
AmbieticA an expansion for The Planet Deep Scan

The sound sources range from ambient pads, via lo-fi sounds, to snapping noises. Through the UI you full control each sound source to come up with a new sound you prefer.

User interface & Usability

The UI is easy to use, it supports you in fine-tuning the sounds you have “scanned”. If you are looking for the manual it can be downloaded from here. The Interface gives you plenty of control to shape and control the selected sounds sources.

The Planet Deep Scan UI
The Planet Deep Scan UI

Rating:  Five out of five stars

The Planet Deep Scan is an excellent library to produce a dark atmosphere. A library you reach out for when you need to create tension, making the audience unsure about the future of the story. It is a perfect background dark mood library for your composition. If you need that kind of mood I would highly recommend diving with The Planet Deep Scan into the vintage sci-fi audio world.

The Planet Deep Scan is a really unique library with a lot of potentials to dive into the sci-fi world. It is an excellent choice for background beds on which you build the main score.

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