Luftrum 20 Review – your Journey into Ambient Pads, Ethereal Bright Arpeggios, Soaring Leads for Hive

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Luftrum 20 for Hive Review

In our review today we are looking at Luftrum 20 for Hive. “Luftrum 20 takes Hive out of its natural EDM comfort zone and launches it on a diametric journey of ambient pads, ethereal bright arpeggios, soaring leads.” This is how Luftrum positions this new sound set collection for u-he Hive, let’s find out in our review how it matches this goal.

Luftrum 20 for Hive ARP Dark Street
Luftrum 20 for Hive – ARP Dark Street

Arksun and Luftrum produced Luftrum 20 for Hive a collection of fresh inspirations for the software synthesizer Hive by U-HE. Luftrum did send a review copy with no strings attached. Søren aka Luftrum, a sound designer from Denmark. Luftrum’s synth presets and sounds can be heard on albums and in movies worldwide. Søren is inspired by many including Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Royksopp, Jean Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream. Since 2011 Søren has initiated annual fundraising for Charity, where he asks developers in the audio industry to donate soft- or hardware, which is then placed on auction in a forum thread on KVR Audio

Søren has initiated annual fundraising for Charity
Søren has initiated annual fundraising for Charity, all since 2011.


Hive 1.2 or later is required to play the presets in the Luftrum 20 soundset. There is a PDF included to guide you through the installation process. Installing u-he presets is quite straight forward.

Luftrum 20 for Hive PAD Immortal
Luftrum 20 for Hive – PAD Immortal


Arksun and Luftrum teamed up to produce a collection of unique and unheard sound and patches for the Hive Synthesize by U-­He. Luftrum 20 includes ambient pads, ethereal bright arpeggios, soaring leads, cinematic soundscapes, the 80s inspired synth keys and Berlin School sequences. More than the normal Hive EDM patches you are used to.

There large collection of presets is ready to use and for many composers their secret weapon when working on a project that is under time pressure. All patches are open for experimentation as you can fully change them to taste inside the HIVE synthesizer.

The soundset offers 98 original presets, featuring 64 new presets by Luftrum, 20 by Arksun, and 14 stunning variations. All presets are suitable across many genres and styles. And they are fully editable to taste. Aksum did provide the minority of patches, the main meat of this library comes from Luftrum. Many of the arps, pads and sequence sound sets are thoroughly composed and musical to play them right of the box.

Luftrum 20 for Hive Arksun Sound Sets
Luftrum 20 for Hive – Arksun Sound Sets

This next collaborative force connecting Luftrum and Arksun creative talents is a unique collection providing endless inspiration for many sound designers or when you compose to picture or work on your next trailer.

With the release of Luftrum 20 for Hive Luftrum did demonstrate that Hive is more than EDM. Luftrum 20 is airy and cinematic.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Luftrum 20 for Hive sound collection is gorgeous and if you own u-he’s Hive you need to get these amazing patches produced by Arksun and Luftrum.

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