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Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance

The Omnisphere Bundle comprising of five single Omnisphere sound sets all developed and produced by MIDIssonance. It is a collection of top quality sounds produced for Omnisphere 2.6 and includes all of MIDIssonance sound sets for Omnisphere 2.

MIDIssonance is all about high-quality sound design for all things cinematic. MIDIssonance did send a review copy with no strings attached.

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To add the Omnisphere sound sets you have to launch Omnisphere 2. In Omni 2 you use the Utility-Menu and choose Install .omnisphere and select the where the patch on your hard disk is located.

MIDIssonance Omnisphere Bundle Files
MIDIssonance Omnisphere Bundle Files ready for Install


The MIDIssonance Omnisphere Bundle contains five diverse Omnisphere 2 sound sets. Each of these five libraries has focus aim and theme. Joined by a modern cinematic character. You get a selection of patches across Arpeggiator, Atmospheres, Bass, Impacts, Keys, Leads, Pads, Percussive, Pianos, Sequences, Textures, and Omnisphere Multis. With the OMNISPHERE BUNDLE, you receive all sound sets for Omnisphere 2 launched so far (as of May 2019) by MIDIssonance. In the bundle, you find a total number of very inspiring 654 patches and 136 custom sound sources.

Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance
Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance

Omnisphere Symmetry

Omnisphere Symmetry is the original and first Omnisphere sound set. Containing 128 patches covering mysterious pulsating arp basslines, sequences and textures. Reminiscent the delicate character of Sigur Rós and Jeremy Soule’s Elder Scrolls scores. Main use in composition for media (film/TV/trailers/games), or ambient and post-rock. Symmetry includes also driving sounds (impacts and a riser) perfect for trailer score.

Symmetry includes
  • 47 Arps + BPM
  • 5 Impacts
  • 5 Synth Basses
  • 24 Pads
  • 25 Textures
  • 6 Keyboards
  • 9 Hybrid Instruments
  • 1 Riser
  • 5 Synth Leads
  • 1 Traditional
  • 16 Multis

Omnisphere Kinejo

Omnisphere Kinejo contains 150 “hybrid” cinematic patches and 56 new custom unique sounding sound sources. Kinejo is stimulated by an amazing selection of the modern scores & records and fascinating sonic experiments plus new ideas while creating and shaping the sound sources. Patches are made with cinematic music in mind, but they’re also very suitable for electronic, ambient and New Age. Kinejo using Omnisphere’s unique granular innovations to produce extra elaborate sonic feelings and textures.

Kinejo includes
  • 50 Arps + BPM (25 Basslines & 25 Arps)
  • 50 Atmospheres (25 Pads & 25 Textures)
  • 50 Playable Instruments (20 Synth Leads, 15 Synth Basses, 15 Instruments)

Omnisphere Movado

Movado is all concerning swing, energy and movement. Like Kinejo Movado is all about hybrid cinematic tones and sounds. It comes with 30 individual synth sound sources.

Movado includes
  • 32 Arps
  • 32 Basslines
  • 32 Sequences
  • 32 Percussive

Omnisphere Tajdo

Tajdo includes 120 hybrid cinematic pads, textures and atmospheres patches. Omnisphere Tajdo includes 50 novel sound sources. Those sound sources were created using a rare Korg synthesizer, Roland classic and several acoustic and electric instruments (guitars, piano, viola). Pads and textures are an essential part of any modern cinematic track. Tajdo atmosphere glues extremely well a track. It spans over a wide range of vibes. You can add analog, emotional, mysterious, ruthless, organic, shimmering, gorgeous and suggestive sparkle to your track.

Tajdo includes
  • 56 Pads (dark, light, organic, analog, granular – according to the developer granular patches can be quite CPU-heavy if many voices are used. Reducing the number of voices will instantly result in less CPU usage.
  • 64 Textures (playable textures, atmospheric textures, textural leads)

Omnisphere Kubo

MIDIssonance produced Kubo in collaboration with BAFTA, and Ivor Novello called composer David Housden. The central characters for this sound set were Solar Fields’ ridiculous Mirror’s Edge score and music of post-rock giants like Sigur Rós and Hammock. Cliff Martinez’s work on Solaris and Drive was also one of the main influences in the creation of this palette of custom sounds that David used on his Q.U.B.E. 2 score. All those influences appeared in a collection of individual sounds with a pure nature with loads of acoustic sound sources processed in an assortment of ways – some more traditional sounding and some mangled and transported to another sonic world.

Kubo includes
  • 42 Arps, basslines & sequences
  • 5 Hybrid organic instruments
  • 7 Pianos & keyboards
  • 21 Pads
  • 12 Synth basses & bass drones
  • 11 Synth Leads
  • 28 Textures
  • 2 Guitars

The Bundle

MIDIssonance’s Omnisphere Bundle is an excellent, high-quality sound collection. You receive a large collection of contemporary cinematic sounds covering a wide range of possible uses when you score for Ads, game, TV, and Film. The sounds blend within a track or can be used on their own. Overall loads of usable material, the bundle is one of greatest Omnisphere 2 sound sets I did use in 2019. Many patches are so unique that you can not find anywhere else.

MIDIssonance’s Omnisphere Bundle is an excellent way to keep Omnisphere patches modern and you in the game offering new sonic ideas and inspire you for more. I shy away from discussion price points normally. With MIDIssonance’s Omnisphere Bundle you get from is an astounding return on investment when you are able to commercially use the patches in one or more projects.

MIDIssonance Omnisphere Kubo UI
MIDIssonance Omnisphere Kubo

Rating:  Five out of five stars

With the Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance, you join the club of composers who have access to secret weapons. You should really see this bundle as a united astronomical addition to your Omnisphere patches. Highly useful and ready for many genres that you compose for.

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