Traveler Series 2 by Red Room Audio Review

Traveler Series under review today is bundling TRAVELER SERIES Bluegrass Fiddles, Traveler Series Celtic, and Traveler Series Bodhrans & Bones.

Red Room Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached.

About Red Room Audio

Red Room Audio is a developer of passionately crafted virtual instruments for songwriters, composers and sound designers. A subsidiary of Los Angeles based, Constructive Stumblings, Inc. (a California Corporation), Red Room Audio works with contributing artists around the globe, it is our mission to create inspiring tools that make it easy for you to turn your musical ideas into art.

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Red Room Audio’s Traveler Series is a selection of boutique Kontakt libraries starring traditional world instruments. Red Room Audio constantly recorded the instruments on location – The Celtic Fiddle recorded and sampled in Dublin, Ireland. Additional Traveler Series instruments were captured in Kentucky and again in Ireland. The libraries especially the fiddles are very playability and offer a large number of phrases. This series is for the special project that needs the vibe from authentic, ethnic and traditional instruments.

Celtic Fiddle

The fiddle is the key influential instrument in Celtic musicology. Celtic Fiddle recorded and sampled in Dublin, Ireland. The fiddle offers 20 regular articulations, classical ornaments, phrases, and FX. Compared to traditional violin, fiddlers perform extremely limited vibrato. 

Included are more than 25 conventional articulations and popular Bluegrass ornaments, plus 400 authentic phrases & FX. Four performance modes, customizable double stops, adjustable bow attacks, and rebowing options & more. 

Bluegrass Fiddle Articulations
Bluegrass Fiddle Standard Articulation
  • Reel Sustain
  • Air Sustain
  • Bowed Legato
  • Fingered Legato
  • Tenuto
  • Spiccato
  • Pizzicato
  • Strummed Pizzicato
  • 8th Repetition Shorts
  • 8th Repetitions (tempo synced)
  • 16th Repetitions (tempo synced)
  • Crescendo (short & long, tempo synced)
Bluegrass Fiddle Ornaments
  • Bend Up Fast (HT, WT)
  • Bend Up Slow (HT, WT)
  • Bend Down Fast (HT, WT)
  • Bend Down Slow (HT, WT)
  • Bend Turn
  • Turn (HT, WT, Min3, Maj3)
  • Unisons
  • Fall Release
Bluegrass Fiddle Phrases & FX
  • FX – Percussive
  • FX – Fret Noise
  • Bend Up Unisons (HT & WT, Fast & Slow)
  • Intros
  • Chops Rhythms (tempo synced)
  • Rhythms (tempo synced)
  • Various Phrases

Bodhrans & Bones

A bodhran is an Irish frame drum with an open side so one hand can be placed against the inside of the head to control the pitch and timbre. It is struck either with the bare hand or a variety of “tippers” and is said to have been developed as the “poor man’s tambourine” by farmers who couldn’t afford the metal. Bones are an instrument often used in traditional Irish folk music, as well as Bluegrass and zydeco. It consists of a pair of animal bones or pieces of wood played by holding them between the fingers and moving the wrist in such a way that they knock against each other. You receive six individual common Irish bodhrans recorded in Dublin, Ireland.

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