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Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire




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Get the sound of this summer night’s sky

The Albion Solstice is a new music library from Spitfire Audio that brings together many different genres of music into one package. It includes rootsy folk, horror, noir, and Celtic spirit aplenty. All of these styles are perfect for scoring any film or TV show you might be working on! In this review, we will go over some highlights from the library as well as some suggestions on how to use them in your productions. The original Albion was Spitfire Audio’s first commercial library and it has since become a world-renowned product. Albion is a place of wonder and mystery, where old magic still thrives.

Solstice is the latest Albion to bring a unique sonic theme to this blueprint, and its focus will not be what you’re used to. The orchestra has been swapped out in favor of some other interesting sounds that are sure to make an impact!

SMC0437 cinemascope
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 11

Music that moves people

A world-class design team with decades worth of experience creating music that moves people; From deep jungles drums raining down like raindrops on topsoil freshly watered by a robbin’ goslin’ restoring life after drought lasting years turning arid earth green again all around us making us feel lucky even if we are poor or struggling need never hunger ever thirst be safe from harm

These sampled tunes are so beautiful and creative. The sound of Solstice is a heartful celebration, with the warmth and spunk you expect from folk. Expertly curated for your listening pleasure or as an instrumental backdrop to life’s most delightful moments; there are few like it!

Music that moves people
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 12

What is the best sonic theme in Solstice?

As the sun sets on another day, Solstice brings a unique sonic theme to this blueprint. Its focus isn’t traditional orchestral sounds but rather an enchanting array of organic instrumentation that will make your heart sing and keep you coming back for more!

The sound of this summer night’s sky

The sound of the Solstice Orchestra is like that summer night’s sky. The Cassette orchestra is an assortment of old cassette tapes being played in reverse, drones fill out everything else on this layer while still managing to capture its essence perfectly with their eerie sounds. And lastly, there’s a Drone grid that provides a variety for what can be imagined when one thinks “noise-scape.”

Mosaic images float over top creating pieces from these three categories through diverse textures – they’re all beautifully put together just how you want them! The three sound categories in this library are Solstice Orchestra, Cassette Orchestral, and Drone Grid.

Solstice Recording The Marauders 0335
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 13

Resonators are used to create the pitch-altering character of the sound. A resonator consists of a diaphragm that vibrates in response to another nearby source, causing vibrations at its resonant frequency. With these pitch-altering characteristics, electric organs may be easily produced by simply replacing standard hardware synths with contemporary Eurorack.

Unfinished pianos, rasping synths, heart-wrenching pads, and other similar sounds are examples of out-of-tune pianos. The sounds are diverse and magnificent; each one sparks creativity immediately.

How to use the Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice in your project?

The Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice is a unique and exciting library that can be used in many different ways. It has the potential to turn any producer into an innovative audio engineer! I use mine as part of my beat-making process, but it’s also great for finding inspiration from other sounds you might not have heard before or known where those million-dollar ideas come from.

The ‘folk library’ sound might be a little boring?

I’ve been working on this project for months and I think you’ll like it! It goes way beyond that “folky” vibe we all fall in love with as kids, but still retains an innocence about its simplicity– which makes sense considering how old some of these songs are. The other thing is: there’s so much more than just instrumentals here; vocals play an important role too (even if sometimes they’re hard to hear). This library goes beyond what is typically called “folk”. I would say it has more in common with the creative soundscape of world cultures and religions.

The ‘folk library sound might be a little boring
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 14

Folk music is a genre that can’t be written down. It has to live on in the hearts and minds of those who hear it, which means folk songs like Solstice’s should sound rawer than anything else because they were passed from person to born with an ear for melody rather than reading notes on paper or typing them into software programs designed by professionals trying their best but still missing some essential part about crafting great lyrics and melodies alike

Solstice Recording The Blaggards 0370
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 15

To truly honor this tradition Spitfire made sure each instrument source material was recorded ‘from scratch’ using also analog gear so you get all your favorite organic hallmarks: imperfections; natural sounds isolated during recording sessions such as birdcalls field recordings found deep within forests where you are never too far away from the sounds of nature herself; which is why Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice stands out.

The world of instruments

The world of instruments that are used to create music is vast, spanning from the ancient and mystical origins in folk cultures all over Europe through modern-day technology. The most common instrument for this type of sound production today would be an electric guitar but there remain many other types such as sitars or mandolins which can still produce rich tones with textures like no other despite being so different than what we’re accustomed to!

I just can’t stop listening to the instruments! It’s so good if you love cinematic music and Celtic melodies with strong roots in traditional songs, but I also recommend it for people who enjoy alternative indie rock or new age music. Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice is a very versatile library and can be used in many different genres or even by itself as I do!

Music that moves people 2
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 16

The orchestral folder

The names of instruments in this folder are evocative, starting with the strings group. 

The orchestral collection is called “strings” for good reason- they’re what make up most music you hear! It just doesn’t sound right without them. They have that rich quality to them so I’m inclined not only use it as my base but also add other types like woodwinds or brass when necessary.”

The Cassette Orchestra’s processed pads, leads, and basses are genre-defying.

The library section called  Cassette Orchestra is able to create a soundscape with their eclectic instrumentation that fuses together styles from around the world into something unique – without ever coming off as cliché or oversimplified. The Cassette Orchestra is a collection of sounds from the Solstice Orchestra that have been processed through various instruments. The Presets folder contains presets for external processing.

The Cassette Orchestras processed pads leads and basses are genre defying.
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 17

Microphone sources recorded and available

In the Spitfire style, each patch features numerous microphone sources. The most important and ideal source material is a collection of DPA clip-on microphones that deliver a really tight signal for new levels of closeness. The mics are close to the source, so there will be many layers of intimacy.

The Albion Solstice library aims to preserve the mystique of traditional and folk instruments while adding a modern twist. It’s a Neofolk collection. We’ll discover a String section, Brass and Woodwinds, a Choir, a Guitar Trio, nyckelharpa, Celtic fiddles, hurdy-gurdy, and modern synthesizers among other things.

Microphone sources recorded and available
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 18

It might take a long time to comprehend everything in Albion Solstice because it is a big collection of sounds. The price of the library makes it a fit for most music producers. Only those who create cinematic scores or use orchestral components excessively should consider purchasing this software.

In conclusion

Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice is a unique and versatile all-in-one Albion scoring series. Spitfire Audio’s latest release includes rootsy folk, horror, noir, and Celtic spirit with stringed instruments, brass and wind instruments, choirs, guitar trios, Nyckelharpa, Celtic fiddles, and hurdy-gurdy among other things. Spitfire Audio’s library will cover many genres such as cinematic scores or any orchestral components frequently used in music productions. Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice may not be for everyone but it will be suitable for most music producers. Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice also comes at a more affordable price which makes it a good investment for most people.

Microphone sources recorded and available 2
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice Review – Rootsy, Celtic and Noire 19

Rating: Five out of five stars

Next time you are deciding on which library to use for your next track, consider the Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice. This Kontakt instrument would be perfect! It has some really dope sounds that will help make any product stand out. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Solstice is a creative audio project. It has an organic sound with heart-warming folk melodies that can be played on any instrument or listened to just for their soothing effects.

Albion Solstice is a library of instruments that combine traditional folk sounds with modern synthesizers. The presets will be your closest ally at first until you figure out which sounds work best for your music. This library for cinematic natural environments was created in this land of enchantment – the perfect library to unleash your creative side!

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