UNO Drum Review- an Analog & Digital Drum Machine by IK Multimedia

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

UNO Drum Review by IK Multimedia

UNO Drum is the second member of IK Multimedia’s UNO family. The drum machine offers both analog sounds and samples. Like the UNO Synth, it comes in the same compact housing.

The device can be powered by battery or USB power. UNO also offers a daisy chain for audio from the UNO Synth or further musical tools. IK Multimedia did send a review unit with no strings attached. We also did look at other IK Multimedia products: T-RackS 5 MAX by IK Multimedia Review and SampleTank 4 MAX Review – an Interstellar Collection of Sounds by IK Multimedia.

UNO Drum Review by IK Multimedia Stuff in the box


IK Multimedia UNO Drum holds six analog drums. Two separate kicks, a snare, claps, and open and closed hi-hat. Those sounds are the foundation for the UNO Drum. On top, six slots for PCM drum are ready for you. You can select from 54 samples. These include toms, cymbals, cowbells, and rim shots. The vibe of the drum sound is for me more gritty and lofi, perfect for modern tracks.

UNO drum can play the beats with 11 voices (open and closed hi-hat share one voice). You get 100 drum kits to start with.

UNO Drum Review by IK Multimedia Back

Drum Machine and Sequencer

The sequencer patterns are up to 64 steps running. UNO Drum 100 has drum kit presets. The step sequencer is at the bottom of the device. Supporting 16 steps and 4 pages. For the advanced user, you can automate up to 8 parameters per step.

UNO Drum

Analog Drum Machine

To deliver beats with more pressure and versatility, you can perform with two analog effects: Analog drive, Stutter effect, and Compressor. The compression makes your tracks tighter and glues it together. A Compressor in the Drum Machine is needed when you do not have a Compressor either in hardware or software available. You can also apply compression to the audio IN, to help glue your different audio machines. You can perform with five performance effects: Stutter, Roll, Humanize, Swing, and random.

Interface and Performance

The drum machine design is fresh, accessible, and straightforward to navigate. I love the color scheme, it is a really chic looking device. There are 12 touch-sensitive pads. Those Pads support two velocity zones. Through the pads, you manage the drums that are playing, select in the UI the specific parts of your drum patterns. You can as expected also edit the sounds in real-time as your UNO Drum machine plays. The design of the UNO Drum is extraordinarily smooth and contemporary. With the small form factor, the drum machine operates on 4 AA batteries or via USB power. You can sit on a plane, the subway, or on your couch with headphones and have fun. I did miss single outputs per drum.

If you do have a chance to play with one unit do it, I was able to perform with the units after one minute. It is really that easy.

UNO Drum Review by IK Multimedia UI Layout

UNO Drum Firmware Update 

IK Multimedia released in July 2019 firmware version 1.0.1. You can download the software to update your UNO in the registered products user area. The Firmware Updater requires OS X 10.11 / Windows 8 or later. If you look for the serial of the device. There is a red booklet in the box which contains a small paper with the serial.

UNO Drum Firmware Update
UNO Drum firmware 1.0.1
  • Adds two thresholds for low battery status: the first causes “BAT” to flash every 60 sec when reached. The second shut down the machine, showing a steady “BAT” on screen.
  • Fixed mixer behavior which could cut off the beginning of samples.
  • Fixed potential noise from the FM oscillators which could be heard after the decay of Kick 1.
  • Fixed potential noise at the end of a protracted decay of the analog Kick 2.
  • Fixed decay noise of the HiHats.
  • Fixed double trigger issue that could occur while recording using pads.
  • Fixed issue regarding sending CC for pattern length.
  • Added CC for sending and receiving sound changes.
  • Fixed Roll behavior when playing back a recorded roll.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

UNO Drum is an excellent hybrid drum machine which offers you the best from the world of analog and digital sounds. The sequencer gets you started, and the portability of the UNO series is unmatched in the market. What I miss in a Drum Machine like the UNO Drum are dedicated outputs.

UNO Drum completes the also available UNO Synth when you are on the move. The possible effects are significant to add distortion and glue it tother with the compressor, even on incoming audio from other synths.

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