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LEKKO – a Character Piano + Tape-based Sound Design




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LEKKO – Piano with Maximum Character

An intimate upright piano recorded imperfectly through a vintage analog kit for the maximum character. This is not your standard, polished piano.  It’s not about versatility, either. LEKKO has a particular sound that you may fall in love with.

Lekko 7

LEKKO is a recently released intimate upright piano, recorded imperfectly through vintage analog kit for maximum character and a collection of beautiful, textural sound design patches, exploring the world of tape and modular effects.

Besides the soft sustains, you’ll also get characterful shorts (going from a hand-muted sound to full ringing) and irregular, unsynced tremolos as well as sound design patches created by processing the sounds through the tape and vintage outboard. Among these, you’ll find sounds slowed down by playing the tape at half speed and textures modulated by rain.

Lekko 12

LEKKO Features

  • Piano sustains (5xRR). Three dynamic layers (one recorded, two simulated).
  • Characterful shorts (5xRR), going through finger-muted samples to full ringing. Three dynamic layers.
  • Irregular tremolos performed at two intensities (freestyle, not synced to tempo or anything).
  • All acoustic patches include key release samples, recorded across the entire keyboard (5xRR).
  • 6 sound design ‘Afterglow’ patches, created by processing the raw samples with a selection of outboard equipment and tape.
  • 14 ‘Layers’ patches, allowing you to create your own combinations of sounds taken from the ‘Afterglow’ section.
  • 7.26GB download (ncw lossless compression, 12.6GB original content). All samples recorded at 96kHz. Presented at 24 bit, 48kHz.
  • Beautiful interface inspired by 20th-century avant-garde design.
  • The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 required. This library does not work in the free Kontakt Player.
  • Individually watermarked to you.
  • Download via the Pulse app.


LEKKO is available directly at Felt Instruments.

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