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Ian Boddy | Strange Geographie Sound Pack for Geosonics




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Renowned sound designer Ian Boddy returns. Chris Watsons’ most epic recordings reshaped into new sonic worlds. Geosonics and the sound pack are released by Soniccouture.

About Soniccouture

Soniccouture is Dan Powell and James Thompson. They develop virtual instruments & sample libraries for composers and producers. The company was formed in 2005, driven by a desire to change the way sampled instruments were regarded by musicians. Combining unprecedented levels of detail with organic performance programming, ground-breaking instruments like Hang Drum and Balinese Gamelan quickly established Soniccouture as one of the most original and innovative instrument developers.

Soniccouture is Dan Powell and James Thompson.
Dan Powell and James Thompson

Strange Geographie a Presets Compilation by Ian Boddy

Strange Geographie is a compilation of 128 nki presets by famous sound designer Ian Boddy. The aural environments of Chris Watson’s recordings reshaped into totally distinct sonic worlds. Ian’s Haunted Spaces sound packs are so incredible that Soniccouture required Ian to give Geosonics the same approach. Strange Geographie blurs the line between field recording and synthesis more than ever before.


Availability and Pricing

Ian Boddy | Strange Geographie Sound Pack for Geosonics €29 | $29. Pls make sure to log in to your account to see a possible reduce price available to you based on your past purchases. Geosonics is required for purchase. Sound Packs are only available to customers of the full Geosonics product. To buy, login to your user account and you’ll see the sound pack appear as a paid upgrade.

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