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Orbis Review – Spitfire Audio’s World Synthesizer based on David Fanshawe recordings




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Orbis by Spitfire Audio Review

I enjoy seeing Spitfire Audio taking an unconventional creative approach and launching new sample libraries. After the launch of Hauschka Composer Toolkit, we now take a look in our review at Orbis.

British Composer David Fanshawe

Orbis was facilitated by the sound recordings of the late 20th-century British composer David Fanshawe. Fanshawe voyaged around the planet catching an extraordinary 2,000 hours of audio recording. David Fanshawe died on 5th July 2010. He will be best remembered for his legendary choral work African Sanctus and for his great legacy to World Music The Fanshawe Collections – a vast archive of recordings of traditional music. David recorded with Nagra, Uher, and Stellavox tape machines. David has collected more than 2000 hours of the raw material.

Orbis Recorder

The Club of Boutique Sound Producer

Spitfire Audio has been slowly stepping out their prime orchestral focus and joining the Team of leading companies of uncommon sounds: Luftrum (Luftrum 20), MIDIssonance (Omnisphere Bundle), PluginGuru (Signs of Life Library), Soniccouture (Haunted Spaces), Soundiron (Mimi Page Light & Shadow ), Sound Dust (ODDular), The Unfinished (RePro-1 Firebird ), Triple Spiral Audio (Discovery Trailer). When we look at libraries from we find marvelous ways outside the traditional path to created exceptional sounds, now Spitfire has joined this premium boutique libraries market. Spitfire Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached.


It is an effortless installation with the help of the Spitfire Audio Installation tool. You can download and install the library fully guided by the tool, later when updates are available, you need to relaunch the software tool to receive the latest version.



Spitfire is taking a new creative approach with new sample libraries and concepts. For many composers having multiple classical instrument libraries. It is exciting to add another string/brass/woodwind library. The sounds recorded by David serve as source material for extensive sound processing. Orbis supplements your compositions providing not heard tones. Spitfire Audio generated loops, textures, one-shots, and pads from the original Fanshawe recordings. On top, almost all recordings have been processed. That makes the World Synthesizer Orbis so much more than a Field Recording Library including the legacy David Fanshawe’s Earth Encounters. Orbis supersedes the Kontakt virtual instrument library David Fanshawe’s Earth Encounters.

David Fanshawes Earth Encounters library
Kontakt based David Fanshawe’s Earth Encounters library

British witchcraft happens where Spitfire Audio combines unrivaled top class recordings with high rendering quality inside the included Spitfire property eDNA engine. Many composers always using the Kontakt based eDNA libraries will find that Orbis stretches the concept of eDNA further. When I looked into both libraries comparing eDNA in Kontakt vs. Orbis Engine, my preference is clearly with the Orbis engine.

Existing Loops

You may be in the same situation to enjoy ethnic/non-traditional loops. Instead of mangling other ethnic libraries with the help of different filter and fx plugins you want to spend time on making money or composing. With Orbis, you do find the sound you need more comfortable and quicker and have a broad range to select a fitting sound. With Orbis, it is easier and more time-efficient and reduces the spent. I enjoy shaping sounds with no question. Even running the sound into one of my hardware sample or into AE Modular or Euroracl- When it comes to getting content fast I prefer the eDNA interface. The included sounds and performances crosse boundaries.

Orbis by Spitfire Audio Review

Spitfire Audio’s new proprietary player is now accepted by many composers. I did only run twice into issues with the system. Once it was fixed by using the Spitfire Audio download tool to download the complete package again. The second time where I did run into issues when the composer iMac was replaced by its 2019 model. Moving the Kontakt files was compared to moving the Spitfire Audio files quicker. But you do not move to a new PC/MAC so often.

The character of modern scoring is its heterogeneous inclusion of different sounds from all over the world. Orbis is exceptional to be used out of the box or as raw material for sound mangling. Orbis represents the sound of the past, present, and future. It is recorded and captured legacy, blessed by native cultural spirits. Without question, Orbis is ideal for the nonconventional composer. The tones in this extensive creative gathering vary from loops, textures to delicate pads.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

Orbis vibrations, noises, sounds, and performances are wonderfully crafted. The recorded live performances have been carried to different epic dimensions. Orbis meets the need for something, more traditional, world music setting rather than an exciting chamber orchestra.

This new library is perfect for scoring delicious-sounding scores. Orbis recreates the legacy of sonic pioneer David Fanshawe. Fanshawe explored the globe to capture unique, amazing performances from distinctive societies, many before not discovered and recorded. The included advanced eDNA engine enables you to mix and manipulate this world legacy sounds to perform creative, not heard vibes.

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