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Very Close Piano 2 by inouï samples




Very Close Piano 2 by inouï samples

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Very Close Piano 2 by inouï samples

With the latest release Very Close Piano 2 by inouï samples they aim to offers you the piano with more precision, more attack and more density that you have ever heard.

During the recoding inouï samples used in addition to a classic stereophonic recording. Two unheard microphone positions which are impossible to produce in a traditional recording session. With one microphone recording the hammer and one mic at the other end of the played string, all the sound and musical potential of each note are now within easy reach.

Very Close Piano 2 has been recorded in a neutral acoustic with high-quality transparent gear.

To fully enjoy the possibilities of these 3 microphone positions, Very Close Piano 2 features 3 modes:

  • An easy-to-use Reverse mode
  • A Legato mode with a Portamento option
  • An exclusive X-Fade mode which allows you to change the sound from one or more microphone positions to another during each note. For example, you can take full advantage of the extreme proximity microphones on the attack of the note, while considering using the ambient take on the tail for a better width.

About inouï samples 

inouï samples were created to offer composers, producers, and sound-designers unheard sounds with strong musical potential. Whether the object of novelty is about the instrument, the sound pickup or processing, each of the virtual instruments produced by inouï samples is designed to fit naturally into your compositions.

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